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Orleans hosts WPPA tourney

Oct 18, 2004 11:54 PM

A few weeks ago I wrote a column about the new kids on the block and the tournament that is now being played now out at the Orleans in Las Vegas.

There have been a lot of new poker tournaments on television in the past year or so but this poker tournament is a lot different.

The poker players are making poker history at the Orleans. This new group is called The World Poker Players Association (WPPA) and the poker players are represented by their very own Poker Players Association.

As I understand, it is being patterned after the PGA (Professional Golfers Association).

About 25 odd years ago, some of us poker players got together and tried to form what was called the PPA — The Poker Players Association. There were a lot of us who joined the PPA and I was one of the founding directors.

Our dreams of that day were to write a standard rule book for tournaments and to have the PPA work out an agreement with the casinos that hosted the events.

We commissioned "The Coach" Bob Ciaffone, who is an excellent writer about poker as well as a very good poker player and has been a good friend of mine for many years. We wanted him to write the rules and procedures for poker tournaments.

The rule book was written and approved by the PPA. It was a good book and had a lot of good rules.

Some of these rules from the PPA rule book for poker tournaments are in common usage today in the best poker tournaments.

The PPA was going to approve the poker tournaments and make them official PPA Tournaments if they used the PPA rule book and agreed with certain other procedures.

Well, this was a dream. It was a good dream and the members of the PPA agreed that they would only play in poker tournaments that were properly approved by the membership of the PPA.

But the casinos where the tournaments were being held would not agree to make a deal with the PPA. The casinos took the position that the PPA was a union of players, and did not wish for the poker players to have a governing body of poker players. The casinos wanted to deal with the poker players on a one-on-one basis.

There was one exception: the old Vegas World hosted The America’s Cup poker tournament and that is the only tournament that ever used the rules, procedures, and schedules of the old PPA. But that is a story for another column

The poker player members of the PPA broke ranks and played in the casino tournaments that would not use the PPA rules and procedures, and that was the end of the PPA.

Now Louis J. Asmo, spokesperson for the new WPPA, has reached an agreement with the Orleans to hold a poker tournament under WPPA rules and procedures.

I have agreed to accept the chairmanship of "The Seniors" Committee of the WPPA and a "The Seniors" WCOP tournament will be a part of the next tournament held by the Orleans and the WPPA. .

This next tournament will be called The Tournament Players Championship of Poker. This event is scheduled for Nov. 7-23 at the Orleans.

There were 72 players who put up $5,000 each to play in the final event of the inaugural of The WPPA Championship of Poker. This created a cash prize pool of $360,000.

I was invited by Jeff Mirkin of Jeff Mirkin Productions to come to the filming of the final table of the inaugural event last Tuesday. The final table is being filmed for GSN The Game Show Network. I will give you a full report on this history-making event in a future column.

"Oklahoma Johnny"

Poker Tip of the Week

Here is a little poker poetry for today: Poker Pete by Barbara Oliver

Poker Pete was a man so sweet

His wife could never scold him.

His biggest flaw

was five card draw.

He never knew when to fold’em.

The lesson to be learned from this little poem is when you are beat lay them down — learn how to fold’em. You cannot call every hand. If you cannot lay the best hand down sometimes, you will sometimes go home broke.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.