Off week favors Skins

Oct 26, 2004 12:26 AM

Packers (-2½) at Redskins: Two teams with much more than they showed so far will meet Sunday in Washington.

At least, the Packers showed signs of turning it around with wins against Detroit and Dallas. Washington needed a bye just to try and sort things out.

Practice has been a little guarded lately because of a few new twists. Don’t take too much from the Packers romp over the Cowboys. The lack of any running game has surely taken Dallas out of any competition. I may get a few guys back for Washington that were banged up.

I like to play teams in this situation, especially since I am getting a few points. I never get the sense that the game will get out of hand.

Brunell (Redskins QB) has surely lost a step, but not convinced that Portis has. I believe the last few games are an aberration and the former Denver RB should get at least a 100 yards rushing even with Grady Jackson back in the middle for the Packers.

I like playing a pro team coming off a bye that has underperformed getting a few points.The Packers are neither bad nor an elite team and fall into that 80 percent of all NFL franchises. They meet a Washington team in the same category.

Maybe when they show Snyder’s luxury box late in the fourth quarter he might have a reason to finally put a smile on that "kisser" of his.


Take care,Jimmy V

Last week: 0-1

Season: 6-2