Time for Florida to start talking turkey: count on

Nov 22, 2000 10:00 AM

Can you believe what’s been going on in Florida? If you want to talk turkey, this week you can find plenty of gobblers down there. They’re all running around like turkeys with their heads just cut off, trying to recount votes for a third time. True football fans wouldn’t stand for what’s going on in this presidential election.

The NFL equivalent of what’s happening would be the referee sticking his head inside the TV monitor at the instant replay booth (with the final score of the game pending) and not taking it out for a month! The fans would either knock some sense into the official or leave the stadium.

And, since we can’t get our hands on anyone responsible for the delay in announcing the final presidential vote count, America has done the next best thing. We have left the stadium. We’ve lost interest and faith in the system. Give us whichever turkey pops out of the oven first, Gore or Bush. Heck , we might even take Nader at this point.

Enough politics already. Here are my votes for the best bets this weekend. No recounts guaranteed. Just make sure you have your picks postmarked prior to kickoff!


Eagles +5 vs. SKINS

Saints +13 vs. RAMS

Bills +4 vs. BUCS

Thursday, Nov. 23

Patriots +7 vs. LIONS: Looks like Bobby Ross forced himself into early retirement about one week too soon. Detroit has done nothing but win since Bobby said adios. Pats have only won one road game this season and lost their last one to the Brownies. Although the Lions have been playing better, they don’t cover many seven point spreads. Last week was only the second one in 12 weeks.

Vikings -7 vs. COWBOYS: Not all of those turkeys we talked about earlier will be in Florida. I know for a fact at some point in the second half there will be a turkey sitting on the Dallas sideline in the form of Jerry Jones. Lets see how Campo handles adversity on Turkey Day. Emmit Smith hasn’t been the same running back since he became a husband.

Sunday, Nov. 26

Bills +4 vs. BUCS: Who says Rob Johnson can’t scramble? Bills proved they can win with either QB. Rob Johnson pulled out victory with gutsy run that might help convince all of Buffalo that he’s the man. Bills backers hoping for below 40 degree cold front to invade Tampa Bay prior to kickoff. Bucs lost Alstott during the loss to Bears. Shawn King short on confidence right now.

COLTS -6 vs. Dolphins: Giving edge to Colts at press time with Jay Fiedler’s pinched nerve knocking him out of most of the game with Jets.

Saints + 13½ vs. RAMS: Saints suffering another major blow with Jeff Blake out for the season. Without Blake and Williams, Saints will have to circle the wagons. But they have the greatest defense wagons in the league and should be a great dog as well as spoiler down the stretch.

Bears +7 vs. JETS: The Jets made a super showing at Maimi in a make or break game last Sunday. Bernie Parmalee picked up the slack for an injured Curtis Martin. Vinny still throwing too many picks. Bears have played like a different team since the bye week three weeks ago. Great defense and an improving offense makes Chicago a lively dog.

Eagles +5 vs. SKINS: Skins scalped Philly by three points nearly two months ago. Since then I think the Ealges have improved more than Washington. Eagles always knew their defense was tough. Now McNabb has Philly fans believing they can hit plenty of paydirt either with his arm or his legs!

BENGALS +3 vs. Steelers: Hard to excited about either one of these teams. Scott Mitchell trying to make a comeback at QB. So is Kordell Stewart. Going with Bengals simply on home field advantage.

RAVENS -15 vs. Browns: Browns’ D playing with all the heart they can muster. Offense on the other hand playing with the heart of the Wizard Of Oz’s tin man. Offensive line has been decimated. Ravens have new offensive life with reborn Trent Dilfer. Ravens shutout Browns’12-zip many weeks ago. Might be a double zipper this time, 24-zip?

RAIDERS -11 vs. Falcons: Trying to find something positive about Falcons. About the only thing you can say is that their D is not awfully bad. Jamal Anderson doesn’t seem to be a threat anymore. Chris Chandler has more holes in him this season than a Dade County ballot. Last two home games the Raiders pounded division rivals into the turf!

JAGUARS +3 vs. Titans: Titans home field magic starting to wear thin. This game is on the road but Tennessee still playing sloppy football. Titans turned the ball over seven times vs. Brownies.

Broncos -4 vs. SEAHAWKS: Give a little credit to the Broncos for overcoming big margin to keep Chargers’ streak alive. Shanahan’s troops have won three straight since their bye week. Loss of Griese doesn’t help but stay on the Broncos’ bus with Gus for one more week.

CHARGERS +4 vs. Chiefs: This would be the final nail in the coffin for K.C. I’m not saying Chargers will win. Hey, I’m not crazy. But it would not surprise me if the Chargers got off the scheid right here. Ryan Leaf critics nearly called off the dogs for a week after three TD performance.

CARDS +3½ vs. Giants: Home dogs finally got off their own schneid last week with 2-1 record. Looking for a repeat effort .’Arizona hasn’t played a decent game since their last home game when they beat Skins by one three weeks ago. Looking for all out effort by Cards on national TV to atone for past sins.

Sunday, Nov. 26

PANTHERS (Pick) vs. Packers: After the Packers lucky and miraculous win a couple of weeks ago in OT to the Vikes, if I were a Packer fan I’d be looking over my shoulder for something bad to happen. Carolina has quite a few injuries to offensive starters. But the national spotlight should bring a few of them back!