Fall is time for shake-ups

Oct 26, 2004 4:05 AM

Whew! What a week. Media alerts, press conferences and tornado-like rumors all over town. What I’m hearing is unbelievable, so let me be the first to share it with you. If I’m right, I’ll take all the credit; if not, remember you read it in The Patch’s column.

First, I’m hearing from a number of sources that Wayne Newton has made his final appearance at the Stardust, though he will remain a member of the Boyd Gaming family and the Stardust theater will still bare his name. Next, the Turnberry Place sign on the Strip will soon be replaced by a Turnberry Casino sign if Paul Lowden is willing to share his former Wet n’ Wild location with the Turnberry owners.

I’m sorry to report that "Saturday Night Fever" will not be extended at the Sahara, though the troupe may not have been given the official word as of yet. Meanwhile, "Bite" at the Stratosphere is firmly ensconced for a year and the Caesars folks are concerned about the "We Will Rock You" show counts. Our city’s first alternative nightclub, "Krave," I’m told, isn’t doing the anticipated numbers, which really doesn’t surprise me.

On the bright side, I attended the preview of "Forbidden Vegas," the offshoot of the long-running successful off-Broadway show, "Forbidden Broadway." Gerald Alessandrini, the brain trust behind the original, will be doing the same for the local version that previewS on Nov. 19 at The Westin on Flamingo just east of the Strip. The world premiere is set for Jan. 18. The cast of four talented singers has begun rehearsals and I’m really looking forward to this one and the parodies of the city and our performers that they’ll be doing.

Paris Hilton is going to add her name to nightclubs around the country and her local effort will be at Planet Aladdin, which will debut New Year’s Eve. The ever-brilliant Ms. Hilton says she plans to open her club in Orlando at mid New Year’s Eve and then do the same here. However, I guess she doesn’t realize that the plane ride west takes more than three hours or she doesn’t realize the amount of the time difference.

The Piano Bar opened at Harrah’s featuring twin female dueling pianists, Kimberly and Tamara Pinegar. There’s no serious piano playing or singing as it’s mostly comedy and schlock, but it’s fun and should pack the bar area.

The controversial Havana Night Club show returned to the Stardust for a week and should be back in December as well as next year. The night I attended, Roy Horn made another appearance to the delight of the good-sized crowd.

When the "X" show opens at Desert Passage this week it won’t be topless as the mall isn’t covered, pardon the pun, by the Aladdin’s casino license. So the ladies will be covered with something, though I’m sure it will be see-through.

Boy George will be the featured performer at the Rio’s Halloween show Saturday night while Rosie O’Donnell continues to search for a local home for "Taboo," the play that starred Boy George when it failed miserably on Broadway.

A tell-all book has been on the New York Times best-seller list for months. It’s a raunchy memoir entitled "How to Make Love Like A Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale," and it’s the story of Las Vegas born-and-raised Jenna Jameson (not her real name). Jenna was born to a cop turned criminal father and a showgirl mother who died when she was 2. She entered the X-rated world at age 17 and got her first job at the Crazy Horse Too after she pulled her braces off with pliers and wire-cutters. The book chronicles her life, which today is monogamous as she is happily married to Jay Grdina, an adult film studio owner and entrepreneur. Despite being a millionaire, Jameson still is involved in the porn business "because she loves it" and her biggest concern in life "is her looks." Sounds like Vegas to me.

The executive producer of the now defunct "Vegas Live!" television show is still telling journalists that even though the show never drew any ratings on a local cable station, there is a national syndication deal that will be completed sometime in early 2005. If it is, it will be reality television at its worst.

Canadian crooner Matt Dusk has been booked into the Hilton lounge in November. Dusk’s claim to fame was dissing Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt on the TV show after her and her beau, Dennis Bono, sang a duet together, interrupting Dusk’s set.

Now that the doors are going shut at Renoir at The Mirage on Saturday, look for Steve Wynn to make an announcement that Alessandro Stratta is opening a new restaurant at Wynn’s place.

Watch for more defections from upscale restaurants to Wynn Las Vegas.