New game hits the pubs

Nov 1, 2004 10:22 PM


United Coin Machine Company, the largest slot route operator in Nevada, is set to debut a new video poker game, Gamblers Reward, which features a unique Cash Spin Bonus Round.

"For years there’s been nothing new for video poker players, and we think this new game will really catch players’ interest," said Raquel Rodriquez, director of marketing for United Coin.

Indeed, the game has already caught the interest of some critical players as it was named one of the top three new slot games of 2004 by Global Gaming Business magazine in its annual industry awards.

More important, Gamblers Reward adds a guaranteed bonus round to standard video poker games such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

Here’s how the Cash Spin Bonus Round works. The bonus game kicks in when players bet one extra coin on a five-coin game (or two extra coins on a 10-coin machine).

Players deal and draw as they normally would in a regular poker game, but in the corner of the screen a box appears with six spots indicating jacks or better, two pair, 3-of-a-kind, straight, flush and full house.

Every time the player hits one of those specified winning hands, he gains credits in one of the spots. Once all of the specified hands have been hit and all the spots are filled, the cash spin bonus kicks in.

When the bonus kicks in, the six spots become stops on a "wheel" that spins. Where it stops is the number of bonus credits that are added to the player’s regular credit meter.

Adding to the excitement is the possibility of multiplying the number of bonus credits. If during the course of the game the player hits four aces, the bonus multiplier becomes two, if he hits a straight flush the multiplier is three, and if he catches a royal flush the multiplier is four.

Rodriguez noted that the Cash Spin Bonus is an "easy game" in that the player isn’t required to use additional strategy or perform an additional feat such as picking a number or other option.

"Players simply play their regular poker game," she says. "And for most players it doesn’t take very long to accumulate those six winning hands."

Rodriguez said the new game will be initially available in about two dozen Las Vegas taverns, including Big Dogs, Thirstbusters, Draft House, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chicago Brewing Company, Doc Holliday’s, Magoo’s, Mulligan’s Border, Goldfingers, Orchard Street Grille and The 19th Hole.

After the trial period, the game will be expanded to other United Coin locations, Rodriguez said.

She added that United Coin provides machines to about 700 Nevada locations (mostly bars and convenience stores), about 400 of which feature United Coin’s wildly popular Gamblers Bonus (see accompanying article), a unique statewide, linked slot club that features two huge cash bonuses.