Gamblers Bonus Tops In Taverns

Nov 1, 2004 10:32 PM

By gt staff

The popularity of the neighborhood tavern in Las Vegas has grown exponentially over the last few years. Helping to fuel that growth are a better selection of slot and video poker games, and rewards systems such as United Coin’s Gamblers Bonus.

"Gamblers Bonus is a unique, cardless slot club that pays back cash on demand and features two huge cash promotions that are free to the player," said Raquel Rodriguez, United Coin’s director of marketing. "Gamblers Bonus has been around since the mid-1980s and it’s available in more than 400 Nevada locations."

The rewards program doesn’t require a card. Instead, members log in with a pin number on touchscreen machines or via an external keypad on older games.

Like most casino slot clubs, players earn points for the amount of coins they play into the machine (as opposed to coins they win). Players earn one point for each dollar played with 1,000 points equaling one dollar cash back.

More important to players, Rodriguez said, are the two bonus promotions — Four-of-a-Kind Bingo and Bingo Frenzy. Both are available when the maximum coins are bet.

Four-of-a-Kind Bingo taps into the popularity of hitting four-of-a-kinds. The goal is to hit a four-of-a-kind for every card (ace through king) as quickly as possible.

When activated the two "bingo cards" appear on screen, each of which has 13 letters that correspond to the 13 possible four-of-a-kinds. Every time a player hits a four-of-a-kind, the corresponding bingo letter is "covered" or X’ed out.

At the same time, a progressive meter is adjusted downward for every four-of-a-kind. "This is the only progressive that works its way down," Rodriguez said.

When playing dollar machines, the progressive starts at $60,000 and is hit when the player completely covers his Four-of-a-Kind Bingo card. For quarter players the pot starts at $15,000 and for nickels it’s $3,000.

The player is allowed 2,000 hands to hit all 13 quads (four-of-a-kinds). After that the player can win cash prizes based on his average bet and number of hands played to hit each four-of-a-kind.

As noted, two bingo cards had appeared on screen. The top or primary card is the one that works toward the progressive pot. The bottom card "catches" every duplicate four-of-a-kind (such as a second set of quad kings).

When the first card is filled, the second one moves into its place and becomes the primary Four-of-a-Kind Bingo card. "That way, those duplicate fours aren’t wasted," Rodriguez said. "The player is already on his way to filling another bingo card."

Bingo Frenzy is the second cash promotion that links to four-of-a-kinds. It is a progressive jackpot that hits when a player catches the featured four-of-a-kind, which is identified by a flashing letter on the Four-of-a-Kind Bingo Card.

The progressive is in addition to the regular jackpot and is paid when maximum coins are bet.

The Bingo Frenzy jackpot starts at $25 and resets every time it’s hit.

"Frenzy lives up to its name — it hits, on average, every three and a half minutes, or more than 400 times a day," Rodriguez said.

Gamblers Bonus is available in 400 pubs and taverns serviced by United Coin Machine Company in Nevada. United Coin is the state’s largest slot route operator with nearly 10,000 machines.

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