‘Crazy’ Kimberly returns to revue

Nov 8, 2004 11:49 PM

The statuesque Kimberly Denmark joined the "Crazy Girls" show a year ago at the Riviera Hotel & Casino and is back dancing and performing after singer Stuart May took over emceeing the show.

"Emceeing the `Crazy Girls’ show was a good learning experience," said the 5-foot, 11-inch blonde. "There really was no formula, I just went with the flow. I’m back as the understudy now."

Denmark said her solo number in Crazy Girls is the spinning bed. "I guess it’s because I have such long legs," she said. "I’ve come a long way from performing as Annie at 12 years old."

She was supposed to be in the film ”˜Vegas Vacation’ but her part was left on the editing room floor. She had a cameo in Mars Attacks and Fools Rush In.

"I was in The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, Branson and in Las Vegas," she said. "Branson is crazy. Everything closes at 9 o’clock. If you like to do nothing Branson is the place to go.’"

Denmakr was born in Jacksonville, Florida and graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Business. She said she’s interested in someday being a director.

She said, "The highlight of my career was at ShoWest when I did a skit with all these A-list celebrities. I performed with Ben Stein and Leslie Nielsen. I was a comedic showgirl who followed Ben Stein around. I learned something new from every experience that I have."

She recalls her most embarrassing moment was when she lost her wig and top in the production, EFX, a family show.

She spoke of her family, "My brother is an air traffic controller in Florida. My mom runs a printing press. My father is retired. They are happy that I’m living out my dream as a performer but, I miss my family who all live in Florida. They have always supported my dreams. I’ve always loved theatre ever since I was a child. Someday I would like to have a family and settle down. For now I have a 25-pound cat. His name is an oxymoron — Baby Kitty."