WPT debuts ‘boot camps’

Nov 16, 2004 1:04 AM

WPT Enterprises, the entertainment company that transformed poker into a riveting spectator sport, has once again broken new ground with the WPT Boot Camp. This new initiative can put those who dream of playing in a World Poker Tour tournament on the fast track to a WPT final table.

WPT Boot Camp will be offered in cities throughout the United States and will feature an integrated curriculum that includes live lecture, archived footage and game play. Students will receive tutoring on all aspects of competitive tournament Texas Hold’em poker from some of the greatest minds on the World Poker Tour.

The multi-day boot camps will utilize courseware exclusive to WPT. The experience will be hands on, filled with tips and tools for amateur players to better understand the tells, reads and strategies integral to improving their own game.

Go to, www.wptbootcamp.com for info on the WPT Boot Camp