Despite Zook, take UF

Nov 16, 2004 7:30 AM

Florida +6½ at Florida St: This is not an emotional "win one for the "Zookster" play, but two teams with basically equal talent. We know of Florida’s four losses. Tennessee stole one from the Gators with a bad call. LSU came from behind and Georgia just beat them.

The one that unseated Zook was the loss to Mississippi State. Bobby’s bunch might have had its third loss of the season if only Chuck Amato would have taken those glasses off and actually saw that his offense has been anemic all year. Maybe some sort of adjustment might help out.

Check out Florida State’s schedule closely and you will see it was average at best. There is just the sense of knowing that the Seminoles offense is really not putting any good team "away." Taking a touchdown is hard to pass up.

With Leak and Fason on one side of the ball and Channing Crowder possibly ready on defense helps the Florida cause. Zook will never be confused for Spurrier, but a win here would make that bad taste in his mouth disappear a lot quicker. FLORIDA.

Take care, Jimmy V.

Last week: 1-0

Season: 8-3