Bears vs Cowboys: Talk about turkeys!

Nov 23, 2004 5:46 AM

Looking at the football contest at Palace Station two weeks ago, the person winning $10,000 with a perfect 14-0 record submitted the picks in August.

And you want to try handicapping the NFL?

All the talk this past week has been about the Kobe Bryant deal with the bimbo dropping her drawers in the locker room and he says well they will just have to win without me. My mistake, that wasn’t Kobe but T.O. Well, you know what I mean.

How can a billion dollar company like the NFL okay this and then claim not to know what was going to happen? The NFL is made up of hypocrites. They go for this, but wouldn’t let Vegas run its little ad during the Super Bowl that said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The league says they don’t want to be involved in gambling. I guess their heads are really dug in deep into the sand.

Then the ugly fight in the NBA when the stupid guy (Ron Artest) goes up into the stands to pound a guy dumber than him because he actually paid to watch these guys. So Artest gets suspended for the season and loses over $5 million for getting hit with some ice water. I thought I saw this movie "Dumb and Dumber!"

For all my loyal Steubenville readers, even though I can’t pick a winner here is some good news. The old College of Steubenville Barons, who at one time in the ’50s were a force in basketball in the NAIA, have resurrected their program. Now the world famous Franciscan University of Steubenville will play a 15-game schedule this year in a beautiful new gym. By the way Mel Gibson’s daughter attends Steuby U.

Happy Thanksgiving and let me tell you I have a lot to be thankful for. I sincerely wish all of you a thankful and lucky week.

Thursday, Nov. 25

Colts (-7½) at Lions (52): Colts look back on track after winning and covering their last two games, with both exceeding the total. In fact, Indianapolis is on a five-game "over" streak. The Lions had the Vikings on the ropes last week, but fell 22-19 as a 7½- point favorite. They have now lost three straight close games, which just could take the stuffing out of the Lions for this Turkey Day game. INDY.

Bears (+3½) at Cowboys (36½): This is just one beautiful matchup, but the beauty about this game is that it is at 1:35 p.m. For you early eaters, that chemical stuff in the turkey could have you sleeping nice and sound on the couch. If the turkey doesn’t get you, this game will. The Cowboys have really gone backwards, going 0-3 SU and ATS. The Bears were playing some inspired ball for Lovie Smith until receiving a 41-10 trouncing from the Colts. I do think the Bears have a little spunk to them and can cover what looks like a field goal difference. BEARS.

Last week: 0-1

Season: 11-12

And now for some college football picks.

Friday, Nov. 27

Colorado (+3) at Nebraska: The Buffaloes have been on a mini-roll, winning and covering their last two games. On the other side, the Huskers have one win in their last four games. Colorado is 7-1 ATS in last eight meetings. COLORADO.

LSU (-4) at Arkansas: LSU way overrated and has just one cover out of the last four games. That cover was at home when getting a call against Alabama that turned the game around. The Razorbacks are in desperate need of a win here and also seek revenge from last year’s 55-24 drubbing in Baton Rouge. ARKANSAS.

Saturday, Nov. 27

Missouri (+4) at Iowa St.: The Cyclones are playing like they really want to go somewhere. With a win here, they finish 7-4 and go bowling. Iowa State has won and covered the last three games and is in a double revenge situation. Missouri is 0-4 SU and ATS in its last four games, including getting slammed last week by Kansas at home. IOWA ST.

UTEP (-9) at Tulsa: Texas El Paso on major roll coming into Tulsa time. Miners have won seven straight and also in double revenge mode, especially after a 56-28 crushing at home last year. UTEP.

Last week: 1-3

Season: 40-42