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Egg on Ole Miss face

Nov 23, 2004 5:47 AM

Miss St (+6½) at Ole Miss: The "Egg Bowl " will be played for nothing but pride on Thanksgiving and maximum effort will be given on both sides. Stripping down who made more significant strides this year, we must lean to Mississippi State.

Good coaches seem to find and nurture talent, which could make big differences in years to come. Conner and Norwood are two names to remember when you start dissecting next year’s football in the SEC. If it were not for a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown this past Saturday, they had a chance to beat a well-coached Arkansas bunch with a top notch college quarterback in Matt Jones.

Croom has done an excellent job, not allowing the season to get away after losing to Maine. He kept the Bulldogs’ heads on when they beat Florida. Coach Cutcliffe found out what life is like after Eli graduated. The Rebels just had no answer at the QB slot. They got me last year after beating Mississippi State 31-0 and I was taking 20.

The Bulldogs did not respond in Jackie Sherrill’s farewell game and it showed. Sometimes how you end is how you start the following season. Some pride plus a few points puts me on the Dogs. MISS ST.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Take care, Jimmy V.

Last week: 1-0

Season: 9-3