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Play with an edge!

Nov 30, 2004 12:16 AM

Most methods of being successful at anything in life are easy to see but hard to reach. I have had a lot of friends all my life who are very intelligent and capable people, yet they’ve squandered opportunity after opportunity because they were too lazy to do the right things at the right times.

We are all unique individuals — all with our own requirements, drive and idiosyncrasies. That’s the reason why something that may work for some may never work for another, regardless of the initial similarities. Life has many faces and takes many turns, and we’ve all run into this situation more than once.

The game of video poker creates yet another unique and exciting opportunity for all of us, and for some, that opportunity has turned out to be nothing less than a horror story. We all attribute such occurrences to our own interpretations, but at the end of the day a victim is a victim. I’ve dedicated many hours of my time to helping such people in the past five years, and I will continue to do so. "It’s only a game" cry the inexperienced. I happen to be able to hear beyond those cries.

What puts me on a completely separate and higher level than the other gurus of the game is that I always do what I say and I talk straightforwardly about the game. In short, I consistently tell the bold truth without fear of reprisal. Winners are able to do that ”¦ and everyone else knows that, too.

Recently I met with a self-proclaimed optimal play expert who, I’m sure, plays far more than many locals and only when the theoretical ”˜advantages’ are solidly in his favor. Not only is he as intelligent as they come, but he







has a mathematical mind quicker and more accurate than mine. His reason for asking for a meet? Big surprise — he CAN’T win!!

It’s clearly much too soon to analyze how he’s doing, but I do know that he experienced a rare win the night we met and played my strategy together, and the following day he called and said he was behind on the very next session — although he was not finished with the denominational climb and he made several key errors in strategy along the way. At any rate, his frustration was evident: He said "NOBODY can win at video poker" which was an understandable contradiction to his previous claim that there actually WERE some players who chase promotions around town all day in an advantageous way — regardless of what I thought.

The bottom line here is that he confirmed my suspicion and belief that no one wins at the game consistently but me. And the key word here is ”˜winning’ because anyone can toss in a pile of comps, gifts, cash back, bounce-back cash coupons, casino giveaway junk, logo’d kazoos, and smiles from hosts in order to create winning ways. So why is this? Because no one PLAYS as I do, and few ever really will. Inconsistent confidence, regardless of how some gurus diss it off, is only puts a player a step closer to the loser’s Hall of Fame. As I always say, you go in expecting to lose and most of the time you will.

While some may criticize my methods of play and complain about how I never really lay the entire thing out in black and white, many others have come to embrace some sort of variation of my strategies. The actual basis for my winning strategies are clearly delineated on the home page of my web site and not only are they free to read — they are free to copy. I stand alone in this respect because if you want any information on play strategies from the other guys, get your credit card ready and fill out those order sheets for the programs, strategy cards, video poker classes, and virtually anything else related to their approach to the game.

When I developed and began playing my original winning Play Strategy for single-line games, I did so after a massive amount of preparation, practice at lower denominations, and after compiling a unique set of personal circumstances that fit my particular needs. Many times I hear the question: "Singer, if you really do win so often, then why don’t you just play more than once every other week or so — or why not move to Nevada"? Well, they first must understand that like them, I used to be very addicted to the game.

That was the first obstacle to overcome, and by traveling once every week at the most, as soon as I get on the road home I am free of those ”˜feelings.’ While the others are running to the casino every day, I’m working on one of my old muscle cars. When they’re standing in smoke-infested lines waiting to get a free buffet or the surprise gift-of-the-day from the slot club, I’m cleaning the pool or weeding the yard. And as they gasp as they lose several hundred dollars yet again, I’m playing with my new granddaughter. I think you get the point by now.

Having what it takes to win at video poker in a consistent manner is not easy — I’m sure you all agree. Once you understand that playing expert-only play on positive machines as the so-called ”˜advantage players’ claim to do is a loser, you are on the right track. Sure, you may read how another writer here says there is no other way to play — which by the way is EXACTLY how every casino manager WANTS people to think — but that’s why I’m the professional who plays this game for a living.

Stick with developing your determination and discipline. Get the proper bankroll first. Realize you will not win unless you progress in denomination within a structured approach. And don’t worry if the machine is a ”˜theoretical’ 96 percent or 103 percent. Once you get over the humps that have been slickly planted by the video poker business marketing machines out there, you will find you just may have what it takes”¦ finally.Once you get over the humps that have been slickly planted by the video poker business marketing machines out there, you will find you just may have what it takes”¦.finally.