Writer hands Minnesotathe Super Bowl trophy

Nov 28, 2000 1:28 AM

There’s as old joke that states: "Predictions are difficult to make, especially when they are about the future."

The saying it true, so you might as well give the Vince Lombardi Trophy to the Minnesota Vikings.

Anyone who reads this publication is out to make some money by out-predicting the next person. So I’m here to tell you to bet on the Vikings anywhere and anyway you can.

Simply put: They are the best football team in the country. They have the combination of top coach, top quarterback, top running back and top receivers.

The laugh of it all is that so many other teams could have had any of these personnel, now all clad in purple and gold.

Head coach Dennis green came out of Stanford when Minnesota took a chance on him. Then, new Vikings ownership stuck with him.

When wide receiver Randy Moss was a senior, I wrote that he was a super athlete, a one-in-a-million. Team after team passed on him.

The New England patriots passed because owner Bob Kraft and his wife Myra pass on anyone who’s had past troubles. You know, the likes of Christian Peter and Brian Sapp, and now Moss. There have been more, yet could the pathetic Patriots use the services of these players now?

How about the Chicago Bears, which could have drafted both Moss and Culpepper. The dunce family McCaskey picked ahead of the Vikings when both were available. They passed. Where are the Bears now?

There’s a certain mentality in this country -- which is magnified by the pro sports establishment -- of throwing people in jail rather than helping them out. How else can you explain why more people are currently in jail than inhabit the entire city of Houston?

Well, in Minnesota, Green has managed the rehabilitation of some people, aided by another sensation in receiver Tony Carter, and running back Robert Smith, who’s so smart, he understands astronomy.

Indeed, with resources like this, the Vikings will reach their first Super Bowl since 1977. You might recall that match-up played against the Raiders in the Rose Bowl. Oakland won the championship easily with a cast of re-habs -- Al Davis has never been afraid to take a chance on players of questionable character.

And the prospects of a repeat meeting are on the table. And should there be a Minnesota-Oakland pairing, I would make the Vikes a 3½ -point pick. Back in ’77, California money ruled the Vegas odds, but now that there’s so much gambling on the NFL worldwide, money from the Golden State won’t mean as much.

Either way, the early bird gets the worm, so place you Vikings bets now.

Tell your friends and relatives that the real gifts will be coming a little after Jan. 29th, one wrapped with a big purple bow.

Spend a Buck to Make a Buck

There was a raid conducted by the Massachusetts Lottery Commission on all its agents recently. No, the agents did nothing wrong. But the commission rushed in to remove all the Lucky Dice scratch tickets, without explaining the reason for removal to store owners.

However, I know the reason.

A skinny from a MLC source said, "They found out that people could somehow see through the back of the scratch ticket and tell whether they had a ‘7’ or ’11.’ People were looking at the tickets before they bought them."

You and I both know that there needs to be more to this story. Meanwhile, there are some happy people somewhere in Massachusetts.

Shame on Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist Rick Telander, who writes that he will not vote for Florida State quarterback Chris Weinke for the Heisman Trphy because of his age. May Ricky’s sportswriting fingers die years before he does! That way, he can go back to college to learn a real trade and see if people dump on him. . .

The XFL looks good from my website. The cheerleaders page will warm you up during those cold winter nights. The football talent at the league’s mini-camps is better than most people think. And, the best part, football will not end with the Super Bowl in January, with the XFL regular season kicking off the following weekend. . .

Squibb kicks stink. Either kick it deep or onsides it. The Colorado kids are the latest to be done-in by a fuzzy coaching cal at the end of their hard-fought game with Nebraska. When a coach tells a kid to squibb kick it, it’s like a baseball manager telling a pitcher, "Don’t give him anything good to hit." The pitcher can’t win. Either pitch to him or give an intentional walk.

Onward to Victory.