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Most teams unlikely to repeat last effort

Dec 7, 2004 4:01 AM

EDITORS NOTE: Each week GamingToday will feature some helpful hints and angles from the top sports book managers in the industry. This week: Larry Weiss, Santa Fe Station


If you ask Larry Weiss for advance when placing a bet at Santa Fe Station, the race and sports director will tell you to have a short memory.

"Rarely do teams in any sport play their best or worst games two weeks in a row," Weiss said. "Teams are never as good as their best games or as bad as their worst. Bettors just have to keep that in mind."

Weiss said he prefers betting on baseball more than other sports because the win percentage is greater.

"When you go over the baseball card, first of all it’s daily," he said. "The great thing about baseball odds is that it’s not the 11-to-10 you see in football, which in my opinion is the most difficult sport to beat the house."

Weiss said baseball offers customers the greatest opportunity to walk away a winner, provided they use their heads regarding money management.

"The percentage for the house is so much smaller in baseball that you would be blowing a good opportunity not to bet," he said. "Baseball is so unpredictable, lending itself to a greater number of underdogs covering.

"Players shouldn’t be afraid to take the -150 favorites or even a team at -200," Weiss said. "You always look at the pitchers, but baseball on a daily basis always favors the dogs. I wouldn’t bet the run line (-1½) with a big favorite."


, but I have often won taking the 1½ . Most games are decided by a run, which is a winner for those that like the dog."