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Charcoal Room

Dec 7, 2004 4:49 AM

Meat quality: 10-oz, Grade-A beef

Type of fries: thin, crispy

Bun size: medium

Drink: various beverages

Order method: server

Wait time for meal: 15 minutes

Price: $10 (approx)

Atmosphere: restaurant

Rating/comment: 4½ wimpys




Santa Fe Station has really upgraded its entire venue over the past couple of years and is a super place to spend quality time. The Charcoal Room is your place if beef is desired. The burger is big, tasty and filling. We would prefer steak fries (I know we bore you with that), so the thin and crinkled type prevents a perfect 5. If thin is "in" for you, the CR staff isn’t bashful with its helping. Get a takeout bag. We also recommend trying the filet mignon steak. Stout! With the excellent service, this is a must stop if you are out on the north side of town.