Dogs on the run!

Dec 7, 2004 6:15 AM

By Denny the Dog

Aren’t dogs supposed to be man’s best friends? That’s what they say, but lately the dogs have been taking chunks out of our betting bankroll.

Only four canines won on Sunday. What’s a dog-lover supposed to do?

Playing the dogs is a lot like playing cards. You’ve got to know when to lick’em and when to kick’em. Pick the hot dogs and leave the cold weenies to the pooper- scoopers!

With that in mind, let’s take another run at the kennel.

Bengals +10½ at Patriots: Watch out for the fat cats after first road win over a winning team in 42 games! Carson Palmer is maturing and in synch with Chad Johnson. Rudi Johnson is a free agent at the end of the year and will start impressing contract negotiators right here. BENGALS.

Browns +10½ at Bills: All the injuries and bad drafts have taken their toll in Cleveland. Bills have won five of last six and three straight since Pats’ pounding. But the emotion needed for victory in Miami should cost them the cover here. BROWNS.

Giants +9½ at Ravens: Completed passes will not get easier here for Eli Manning. Giants’ offensive line troubles continue and those woes are starting to show on Tiki Barber’s stat sheet. Chester Taylor rushed 23 times for 139 yards against Bengals. RAVENS.

Lions +9½ at Packers: Counting on Kevin Jones to create a cover here. Jones has rushed for 479 yards in the last four games. LIONS.

Seahawks +7 at Vikings: Neither club’s very consistent. Vikes certainly not blowing teams out at home. Loss to G-men, 3-point win over Lions and OT win over Jags have been the last three outcomes at home. SEAHAWKS.

Raiders +7 at Falcons: Norv Turner has seen the turn-around coming? Last time I checked the Raiders have lost three of their last five games. This week Michael Vick will have Oakland defenders dizzy, spinning around faster than a Raider turn-around. Vick won’t hesitate to run for the hills this week. FALCONS.

Bears +6 at Jaguars: Bears down to their fourth string QB in Chad Hutchinson. Turns out he’s their best! Who wudda thunk it? Bears not bad on the road this season and much better with Urlacher back. BEARS.

Saints +5 at Cowboys: Saints have the league’s worst rush defense but running the ball isn’t something Dallas does well anyway. Aaron Brooks puts his forgettable season on hold and enough points on board to win the money. SAINTS.

Colts -10 at Texans: Colts’ opponents have started booting onside kickoffs and using fake punts to keep the ball away from Manning. How much more respect can you give a guy? Colts on a 4 game 40 point plus run and it started with 49-14 romp over Houston. Colts defense mediocre at best and odds-makers have slightly inflated the Colts’ line because of all the hoopla. TEXANS.

Jets +7 at Steelers: Jets run the ball well, play great defense and make few mistakes in the penalty department. All three are fear factors for anyone betting against Jets the last three weeks. Steelers are a great team but have lost the last two covers. JETS.

Dolphins +10½ at Broncos: Champ Bailey took the blame after Jerry Porter’s two TDs in the snow-bowl. Time for Denver to return to the old days when they were feared at home and no blame was left to go around. A.J. Feeley threw five picks versus Buffalo, one more than Plummer tossed at San Diego. BRONCOS.

Rams -2 at Panthers: Panthers have hung tough on a four game roll. Going on a three game 100-plus yard streak and Delhomme is red-hot. I’m not overly impressed with any win over the Niners. Before that, Rams sandwiched one win over Seahawks between four losses by combined score of 153-70. Fox over Martz any day of the week. PANTHERS.

49ers + 3½ at Cards: I have to believe Denny Green goes back to Josh McCown here. King and Navarre were busts. Barlow another bust on opposite side of the field, still whining about not having enough freedom to pick his own holes? CARDS.

Bucs +6½ at Chargers: Superchargers sitting fat with two game division lead. Tampa Bay playing well and may zap the Lightning Bolts here when they least suspect it. BUCS.

Eagles —9½ at Skins: Ramsey a better QB than most experts think. Skins have improved under Ramsey last two weeks. Clinton Portis nearly resembled his old self against Giants. Looking for same kind of effort we received from Jags last Sunday night! SKINS.

Chiefs PK at Titans: Billy Volek almost made Titan fans forget about Steve McNair’s retirement talk. Chris Brown’s 104 yards helped Volek throw three TD passes. Chiefs should get Priest Holmes back for this game. TITANS.

LAST WEEK: 10-4-1

SEASON: 109-76-5