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House gags until Jags

Dec 7, 2004 7:51 AM

Ken White, Las Vegas Sports Consultants head honcho, predicted a big Sunday win for the house if the Patriots, Colts, Eagles and Steelers failed to cover. But, again, the big NFL favorites had success.

New England, Indianapolis and Philadelphia all won easily. Had the Jaguars not come up with the cover in a 17-16 loss to Pittsburgh, it could have been Black Sunday II. The house normally doesn’t discuss monitary losses, but imagine six figures.

”¡ Talk about getting the shaft, the Cal Bears and QB Aaron Rodgers beat a solid Southern Miss team on the road and loses a Rose Bowl bid to Texas. This is worse than than what happened to Auburn.

”¡ Hugh Ledford (Palace Station) went 13-2 to take a one-game lead in the Bookies Battle with four weeks remaining. — Mark Mayer