Try your hand at Let it Ride poker

Dec 14, 2004 4:49 AM

This variation of five-card stud is interesting in that players don’t compete against the dealer or each other. Instead, they try to get a good hand by combining three cards dealt to them with the dealer’s two "hole" cards.

To help their cause, players can remove up to two-thirds of their original bet during play to reduce the risk when chances for a winning hand seem bleak.

Here’s how it works: Players make three equal bets and are dealt three cards. Then the dealer receives two cards face down. If the player’s not happy with his deal, he can remove one of his bets or let it ride.

The dealer then turns over one of his cards, which is counted as the player’s fourth card, and the player must decide whether to withdraw his second bet or let it ride. In either case, the dealer then turns over his second card, and all the players lay down their cards.

The players’ hands are determined by combining their three and the dealer’s two cards. The minimum winning hand is a pair of 10s or better, which pays even money. If the player has a winning hand, he is paid on all his remaining bets according to the following schedule:


Pair of tens or better, 1-1

Two pair, 2-1

Three of a kind, 3-1

Straight, 5-1

Flush, 8-1

Full house, 11-1

Four of a kind, 50-1

Straight flush, 200-1

Royal flush, 1000-1