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Gamer ‘Shuffles’ off to UK casino expo

Dec 14, 2004 4:55 AM

Shuffle Master, Inc. and CARD, a Shuffle Master International Company, will showcase several key products at this year’s International Casino Exhibition (ICE) being held in London, England, January 25-27.

"Our ICE line-up reflects the growing international interest in poker-based games and features several well-established titles including Three Card Poker and Royal Match 21, a side bet for blackjack," said Paul C. Meyer, Shuffle Master president and chief operating officer. "Further, we are confident that Big Raise Hold’em and Four Card Poker will be well received by the ICE attendees and will help casinos expand their table offerings and increase their table revenues."

In addition to exhibiting cutting edge games and well-established utility products like the one2six automatic card shufflers, Shuffle master will feature the following:

Utility products

”¡ The Easy Chipper, a next-generation chip sorting device that sorts different size chips quickly and efficiently. Developed by CARD, the Easy Chipper optimizes roulette wheel game play by increasing the volume of chips sorted, and its patented color reading system accurately sorts up to 10 different color chips while separating non-programmed ones. In addition, the Easy Chipper is capable of accurate tracking of chip volume and value.

”¡ The Deck Mate, a single or double deck shuffler used for single and double deck blackjack and table stakes poker. Completely random, the Deck Mate increases the speed and accuracy of each hand.

”¡ The MD-2, a two to eight deck batch shuffler that features an optional card recognition system enabling it to check decks of cards by simultaneously reading and verifying every card being shuffled. This unique shuffler incorporates a patented platform and gripper system that ensures a smooth, quiet operation that minimizes card wear and tear, and can operate as a stand-alone workstation that conducts speedy deck checking and verification.

”¡ The Intelligent Shoe is a smart alternative to a traditional shoe that reads the rank and suit of each card being dealt. Developed to increase baccarat and blackjack game security, the Intelligent Shoe holds up to eight decks of shuffled cards.

"The show in London provides an excellent opportunity to showcase our outstanding utility products," said CARD Managing Director Ernest Blaha. "The Easy Chipper’s patented new technology enhances the roulette chip sorting process by operating both faster and more efficiently than other products in the field.

"The MD-2 batch shuffler with card recognition dramatically enhances a casino’s ability to secure game play on tables using multiple decks, and our Intelligent Shoe brings an unprecedented level of game security to baccarat and blackjack tables," Blaha continued. "We are confident that these outstanding products will be welcomed by the gaming industry."

Entertainment Products

Table Master, an electronic, multiple-player table game with five player stations that enable casinos to offer table game hits like blackjack, Three Card Poker and Let It Ride Bonus with Three Card Bonus electronically. Featuring a digitized human dealer with exciting player interaction, Table Master combines the excitement of table-style action with the latest interactive video technology to create an innovative gaming experience.

”¡ Big Raise Hold’em, a new table game featuring head-to-head play against the dealer, an appealing bonus bet and the opportunity to go "all in" with a pocket pair. A variation of Texas Hold’em, Big Raise has it all: aggressive betting, bad beats and miracle draws. Players receive two hole cards that are combined with three community cards to make a five-card poker hand that goes head-to-head against the dealer’s.

”¡ Four Card Poker, an exciting game that rewards skill, patience and nerve. Players receive five cards to make their best four-card poker hand, and may bet up to three times their ante when staying in the game. Featuring head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet, Four Card poker is rapidly becoming another high demand specialty table game.