Money management best way to stick around

Dec 14, 2004 5:40 AM

EDITORS NOTE: Each week GamingToday will feature some helpful hints and angles from the top sports book managers in the industry. This week: Eric St. Clair, Rampart


Successful wagering to Eric St. Clair is all about money management.

"It’s definitely one of the keys to sticking around," said St. Clair, the colorful race and sports director at Rampart. "Make consistent plays so that will allow you to put a different amount of value on the wagers for that day."

"As far as betting football on a weekly basis, you need to set aside enough money in order to remain active the following week. If you don’t have the money for longevity, you can’t withstand the ups and downs of the inevitable results of the game, which more often favors the house."

St. Clair says it’s good business to spread the bets around and not throw everything on one game.

"It’s imperative to keep a certain amount of bankroll," he said. Few people score big at one time. It’s just not good business sense. A lot of bettors are getting wise to money management, but this strategy always needs to be followed."