It took 14 weeks for dogs to get their day!

Dec 14, 2004 5:43 AM

The home dogs finally got it right.

The Texans and Redskins made the home puppies a perfect 2-0 for the first time this season. The home teams and dogs held slight edges at 8-7 on Sunday. After being beat up two consecutive weeks it was nice to see dawgs barking and out in front, even if it was by a nose.

Three more weeks to the regular season wire. Let’s finish with a kick!

Steelers -11 at Giants: Steelers might fall into a trap. Seems the rookie Roethlisberger will never lose. He wanted to end the streak at 10, but the super talent refuses to allow that to happen. Eli needs to improve on his 6-1 INT to TD ratio over the last four games! Steelers are great but the number is too big! GIANTS.

Redskins -3 at 49ers: Ramsey & Co. gave Eagles all they could handle. Skins on three-game cover streak! Niners’ only real talent is playing Cards! SKINS.

Panthers +3½ at Falcons: RB Goings keeps going over a 100 yards and Panthers keep going and going. Carolina on five-game win streak. Cats should be poised to pounce on Vick and avenge Week 4 loss at Carolina. PANTHERS.

Seahawks +6 at Jets: Seattle’s mysterious plot continues. The Seahawks allowed Buffalo and Dallas to run over them, then turned around and upset Minnesota on the road. No surprises with Herm’s homies. You know what to expect with New York 5-1 at home. JETS.

Cowboys +10½ at Eagles: Philly clearly has established itself as the only team to beat in the NFC. Many Dallas fans were seeing Texas playoff stars in their dreams, until New Orleans set them straight. Cowboys are much improved with Julius Jones in the backfield. He missed the thumping in Week 10. COWBOYS.

Vikings -3½ at Lions: Culpepper making too many mistakes in the red zone and Randy Moss throwing one-too-many passes — even if it was only one! Minnesota D no bargain. Vikes were once 5-1, now 7-6. The annual collapse of Vikes is now official. Kevin Jones averaging over 100 yards the last five games. Jones has sparked the Lions offense and chances of winning the money! LIONS.

Chargers -10 at Browns: Difficult to wager on a team whose QB is either blasted or on the run prior to receiving the ball from center. Browns amassed 17 total yards of offense in Buffalo! Chargers will come off the bus blitzing. Cleveland can expect to be roughed up by another old coach. First Belichick, now Marty. CHARGERS.

Bills +1 at Bengals: Buffalo is 6-1 in its last seven games, but Cincy is 3-1 at home in last four with only loss coming from sizzling Steelers. More importantly, the big cats have been "phat" against the spread covering three straight. Take the home team in a close one. BENGALS.

Jaguars +6½ at Packers: Byron Leftwich could have big day at Green Bay as Packers D gave up nearly 900 yards and 7 TDs via the air in two games leading up to Lions last week. Doesn’t matter how big a cheese-head fan you are, Packers backers have to admit visitors no longer fear the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. JAGS.

Texans +1½ at Bears: I think the Bears defense is a tad healthier (Urlacher left Jaguars game with hamstring injury) but overrated. Urlacher & Co. are ranked much higher statistically than Texans D. However, stats don’t win the money. Chicago looked like the "Bad News Bears" in Jacksonville last Sunday. TEXANS.

Saints +6½ at Bucs: Tampa Bay clamping down on any scoring at home. Gruden’s group has won four straight at home and no opponent except KC scored over 7. Bucs D plus plenty of Griese should keep your palms greased with moolah! BUCS.

Rams +4 at Cards: I don’t especially care for the virtues of either club. But Arizona receives slight edge for homefield advantage and Rams four consecutive road losses. CARDS.

Broncos +3 at Chiefs: The Chiefs have to pray for wins without a Priest (Holmes) for the remainder of season. Give KC its last rites right here! BRONCOS.

Titans +3 at Raiders: Tyrone Wheatley’s loss looks like it’s more than Kerry Collins can handle. TITANS.

Ravens +8½ at Colts: Peyton has destroyed six opponents in a row. Showed a slight chink in the armor last week at Houston. Poor win/loss record on the road recently by Baltimore is not a fair reflection. RAVENS.

Pats -9 at Dolphins: The home hounds were howling with misery until they came up a perfect 2-0 last week. Home dogs back in style right here. DOLPHINS.

Last week: 9-6

Season: 118-83-5