GT NFL fantasy contest wants one thing touchdowns

GT NFL fantasy contest wants one thing touchdowns

September 01, 2015 3:01 AM


GamingToday Fantasy 5 Football ContestIf you have played fantasy football I am sure you’ve had a quarterback lose you a game on an interception or maybe Julio Jones had 200 yards but couldn’t get a touchdown. If you like things simple then we have a fantasy football contest for you.

Introducing the #Fantasy5. Each week during Weeks 1-16 of the NFL season followers of @GamingTodayNews select 5 players (1 quarterback and 4 players from any position of RB, WR or TE) to score touchdowns. That’s it. To play just follow @GamingTodayNews and send out a tweet like this:

Luck, IND; Foster, HOU; A. Johnson, IND; Welker, DEN; Gronkowski, NE #Fantasy5 @GamingTodayNews

Once all the games have finished we will total up the touchdowns like so: Luck 2; Foster 1; Johnson 0; Welker 1; Gronkowski 2; Total 6 TDs. You can use the same lineup each week or change it up, the choice is yours. All games are included in the contest but the entire lineup must be in by the kickoff of your first player’s game.

After each week ends we will update the Top 5 leaderboard. The best week over the course of the season wins $500, 2nd Place receives $250 while 3rd-5th take home $100 each. Play each week to improve your chances of taking home a cash prize!

As an example, the leaderboard would look something like this:

@kalwrecks_ Week 7 = 11TDs

@vegasberserker Week 2 = 10TDs

@JulesK Week 10 = 9TDs

@DJJesseJames Week 6 = 9TDs

@johnashimself Week 9 = 8TDs

For more information follow @GamingTodayNews and see for official rules.


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