New York Times: 'Rein in fantasy wagering'

October 05, 2015 5:11 PM


New York Times: 'Rein in fantasy wagering'Fantasy sports wagering has attracted the attention of the editorial board at the New York Times, which declared in an editorial today that the time may have arrived for congressional action to “rein in” its growing appeal.

The editorial argued, “It is hard to believe that this is what Congress had in mind when it exempted fantasy sports from a law that effectively outlawed Internet gambling in 2006.”

At the time of the legislation’s passage, the Times says, most fantasy sports were season-long games between friends and not the daily and weekly games the companies that have recently been spending millions on advertising are pushing.

“What is worrisome,” the editorial continues, “is that some lawmakers like Rep. Frank Pallone of New Jersey are using the growth of fantasy sports to encourage Congress to let states legalize conventional gambling.”

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