Indiana lawmaker to FanDuel: We want you

Indiana lawmaker to FanDuel: We want you

January 06, 2016 9:29 AM


New York-based FanDuel has been invited to move its headquarters to Indiana where two Hoosier lawmakers say they would be delighted to see the company, one of the giants in the daily fantasy sports business, make its home base there.

The company and Massachusetts-based DraftKings have been under attack in New York by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman who has said he wants nothing to do with the daily fantasy contests. He wants to msee them permanently barred from doing business in New York and has filed a suit asking that they be required to repay all the money they have paid out as prizes.

DraftKings faces a far less hostile environment in Massachusetts where the AG has said fantasy sports operators can do business there if they agree to regulations.

“With the backlash they have received in their home state,” said a statement from Rep. Alan Morrison, R-Terre Haute and Sen. Jon Ford, R-Terre Haute, “We propose FanDuel move its headquarters to Indiana.” Morrison told the Indianapolis Star he discussed a move with FanDuel officials while drafting a bill to regulate fantasy sports that he expects to file next week.

A spokesman for the company responded, “We are grateful to know we are wanted elsewhere but we hope to be able to stay in our home state.

The spokesman added, “The approach in Indiana where FanDuel is proud to sponsor both the (Indianapolis) Colts and the (Indiana) Pacers underscore the fact that growing technology businesses and sensible consumer protections are hardly mutually exclusive.”

Gov. Mike Pence has previously opposed any expansion of gaming in Indiana but has also said hr will leave the fantasy sports issue to the legislature.

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