Gaming Today’s #Fantasy Jack MLB Twitter Contest

March 01, 2016 2:35 PM


@GamingTodayNews #FantasyJack Baseball Contest Rules

1. Anyone who follows @GamingTodayNews on Twitter is eligible to compete in the contest.

2. The Contest will be run each week from April 4 through August 22. Each week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Participants who qualify during the Contest are eligible to play in the Finals, which will be held August 22-28.

3. To play the Contest, Participants must select five MLB players for their team each day they want to play during the week. Participants can use the same players each day or change any or all of the players any day during each week.

4. Each time one of a Participant’s players hits a home run (HR), the Participant receives a point. At the end of each week, after the last Sunday game, the Participant with the most HRs on any one day that week gains entry to the Finals. For example, if @vegasberserker has 11 Homeruns on a Wednesday and between Monday and Sunday that is the most HRs in one day, @vegasberserker gets one entry to the Finals.

5. In case of a tie for most HRs during any week, the most HRs overall that week among Participants who are tied will decide the winner. If any Participants are still tied each will gain an entry to the Finals for that week.

6. Participants must submit a team each day they choose to play, even if using the same team.

7. Participants are only allowed one team each day. If a Participant selects more than one team in a day, all entries for that Participant will be voided that day.

8. Participants are not required to enter each day but it is recommended to improve chances of winning.

9. Entries must be submitted each day before the scheduled game time of the earliest game played by Participant’s players.

10. All entries are submitted by tweet and MUST be tweeted EXACTLY this way(commas don't matter):

Player1, Team; Player2, Team; Player3, Team; Player4, Team; Player 5, Team #FantasyJack @GamingTodayNews

Example: Harper, WAS; Ichiro, MIA; Cano, SEA; Tulowitski, TOR; Bautista, TOR #FantasyJack @GamingTodayNews

11. Spelling errors aren’t held against you but you must specify first names or initials for players with the same last name as a teammate. For example: Chicago White Sox players 2B Leury Garcia and OF Avisail Garcia.

12. During the course of the Contest, @GamingTodayNews will release the Twitter handles of each Participant who has qualified for the Finals. A Participant can have a maximum of three entries in the Finals.

13. Each Finalist will pick five players for the ENTIRE week of the Finals. The participant with the most HRs during the week wins the contest. The final selections will be Direct Messages to the @GamingTodayNews Twitter account and will be released on Monday, August 22. All entries must be in by 11:59 p.m. PT, Sunday, August 21. @GamingTodayNews will then tweet out each entry on Twitter Monday, August 22.

Players with multiple entries will need to specify the entry number for each group, for example:

Entry 1 – Pujols, LAA; Cano, SEA; Cespedes, NYM; Puig LAD; Harper, WAS #FantasyJack

Entry 2 – Pujols, LAA; Cano, SEA; Bryant, ChiCubs; Cruz, SEA; Sandoval, BOS #FantasyJack

14. In case of a tie, the Finalists who are tied will battle again daily, starting on Monday, August 29, until a winner is crowned.

15. The winner of the contest will receive $500, 2nd place receives $250, and 3rd place receives $100. Weekly winners will receive a free month of VIP.