Million dollar Vegas fantasy football thanks to US Fantasy

Million dollar Vegas fantasy football thanks to US Fantasy

September 27, 2016 3:12 AM


Before I get to the OVER picks for this week, let’s talk about the new betting option in Las Vegas – USFantasy.

Available at Paris Las Vegas, The LINQ and Flamingo sportsbooks, with more expected to come online this week, USFantasy gives fantasy players who miss FanDuel and DraftKings an option to bet on player performances.

After Week 2 here are a couple payouts on $2 WIN bets: Prop No. 1 Cam Newton $18.20; Prop No. 2 DeAngelo Williams $40.60; Prop No. 3 DeAndre Hopkins $112.40; Prop No. 4 Travis Benjamin $91.80; Prop No. 5 Corey Coleman $114.20; Prop No. 6 Matt Ryan $15.80; Prop No. 7 DeMarco Murray $40.60.

For those not in the know, yes, a $2 bet on Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins against 13 other WRs paid $112.40. If you have ever bet horse racing, it’s simple – it’s the same thing. For those not accustomed to wagering on the ponies here’s a crash course.

USFantasy currently offers seven bets in Prop No. 1 Quarterbacks. First you can bet on one of 14 QBs to Win, Place, Show, meaning you can actually bet a QB to finish third (Show) instead of first (Win). The great thing about betting Show is if your pick actually finishes first not third, you still win! The catch is SHOW bets have less risk so they pay much less than WIN bets do, something to keep in mind when being conservative.

Also offered is an Exacta, picking the winner of the Prop with the second place finisher (Win, Place); Trifecta, picking just like an exacta but adding the third place finisher (Win, Place, Show); Double, which is similar to a sports parlay on which players will WIN the two categories (Prop 1 to Prop 2).

Finally the big daddy, the life changer, the $1 Million Dollar Pick 7 wager. Put up $1 and pick the winner in each of the seven props and win $1M. Sounds tough, right, but for $1, why not!

For the realists out there you are allowed to pick more than one player in each Prop but the cost goes up fast. For example, say you used two players in each of the seven props at $1. That cost $128 (2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2). So keying on the right players is huge; using one player in two of the catagories cuts it down to only $32. There is a consolation payout if no one hits 7 out of 7. The best finisher gets 20% of the Pick 7 pool.

So how does pricing work? USFantasy, like horse racing, is a pool-based betting system. That means out of all the bets taken at the book today (i.e. $3,000 on Win; $1,600 Place, etc.) the odds are based on paying out all those who bet each quarterback.

For example, if Baltimore QB Joe Flacco wins at 10/1 that means that $3,000 will be divided among those who bet on him. So if only one person bet him it means someone bet $300. If 100s of people bet him prices would range from $20 (off a $2 bet) to other payouts that would make up the remaining pieces of the pool.

If still confused talk to a sportsbook writer and they will be able to explain how it works or check out or @USFantasy1 on Twitter.

Last Week: 1-2 (2 pending); Season: 77-66-15.

PLAYS: Panthers-Falcons OV 46, Steelers-Chiefs OV 47, Giants-Vikings OV 43. Spread of the Week: Broncos -3.

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