Texans RB Miller looks to hang on vs. Johnson in USFantasy

Texans RB Miller looks to hang on vs. Johnson in USFantasy

October 18, 2016 3:09 AM


Another week of USFantasy and it looks like a nice 13-1 winner from the Texans RB Lamar Miller.

Arizona’s David Johnson had yet to play at press time but he’s the only running back left in Prop No. 2 that could take out the Houston star.

Miller edged out LeSean McCoy by 6 points for first place. We also used him in a double that needs Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to take out a weak Andrew Luck performance for a Daily Double winner in Prop No. 10, assuming Miller holds his Prop No. 11 lead.

These projected picks were given out Saturday: Prop No. 1 Drew Brees (5-1); Prop No. 3 Odell Beckham (9-1); Prop No. 4 Rob Gronkowski (6-1); Prop No. 6 Eli Manning (7-1); Prop No. 7 Terrance West (16-1); Prop No. 10 Andrew Luck (7-2); Prop No. 11 Miller (5-1).

The only results that are final are Prop No. 5 Golden Tate (18-1); Prop No. 8 Matt Ryan (5-1); Prop No. 9 Ezekiel Elliott (8-5). All results can be found at USFantay.com.

Last Week 2-1-1

Season: 84-70-16.


Vikings-Eagles OV 40: Granted the Vikings are a clear under team, but I think the Eagles will make some better decisions this week when it comes to protecting Carson Wentz. It feels like the Vikings offense is starting to gel as Sam Bradford gets more and more comfortable each week.

Buccaneers-49ers OV 47: After a rough stretch for Famous Jameis and the pirates, the 49ers defense is just what the doctor ordered. The Niners were in the game at Buffalo before unraveling in a 21-3 fourth quarter. Chances are Tampa strikes early but with Kaepernick in the offense it’s clear San Francisco can actually move the ball.

Seahawks-Cardinals OV 43.5: Big game for both teams as Seattle can put the Cards in the review mirror with a road victory on Sunday night next week. Let’s hope it’s not the snoozer Texans-Colts was this past Sunday, yeeesh.

Spread of the Week – Raiders +2: The Jags are still the Jags.

Hockey Total for Tuesday – Hurricanes-Oilers OV 5.5: Edmonton is the greatest hockey OVER team, they score a lot of goals and can’t stop anyone. Carolina is trash but they will either give up enough goals against the Oilers or help get the total there.

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