Taking the USFantasy limousine like Ric Flair

November 15, 2016 3:08 AM


Well USFantasy has me feeling a bit like pro wrestling star The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

I’m stylin’ and profilin’, a wheeling, dealing, jet flyin’, limousine riding, kiss stealing, son of a gun.

Why you ask?

Six straight weeks, if you played everything I recommended on my Saturday online only column using every player as a WIN and WIN/PLACE/SHOW across the board bet, with a few tossed in exactas, you won. Each week. Up money at $1 to $2 a bet.

This week online, I chose Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger, who won Prop #1 closing at 9/2 but given out at 14-1, and fellow teammate Le’Veon Bell (13-1) hit with a nice $12.20 show price. Meanwhile Titans TE Delanie Walker took down all the receivers in Prop #5 paying $10.60 to WIN.

At the minimum bet amounts of either $1 to $2, depending on wager, you spent $40 on my plays. After cashing tickets you are up $19 bucks. That doesn’t sound like much, true, but after the sixth week straight, we are up $316.90 at the lowest amount possible. Say you bet all these things 2X, now it’s $633.80, although pools don’t make the math so even, but it’s a reasonable estimate. If you aren’t playing USFantasy yet, get after it.

How about the one that was close. Larry Fitzgerald in Prop #3 had an amazing game, 12 catches for 133 yards, but couldn’t find the endzone. His closing number of 18-1 was a bargain as he came within 24 points of SHOW and 33 points of PLACE, a touchdown is worth 30 and Fitz wasn’t able to get one.

When it comes to real football, let me get something off my chest that I am driving my sportsbook colleagues nuts with – Field Goal Kickers.

I have had it. This gimmicky extra point crap has got to go. Fans spend the entire football game watching great plays made by the quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends and key offensive line blocks. The defenses work just as hard jumping routes, causing turnovers and ruining quarterbacks’ lives in the sack zone. Then a guy who hardly plays swings the entire game. The Saints-Broncos game end was complete trash.

Now the Broncos could have gone down and kicked a field goal to win anyway, which is still a nonsense way to win football games, more on that in minute. But to lose because moron NFL commish Roger Goodell wants to make extra points a gimmick, and have a blocked PAT get run back to end a game… Stupid. I watched as a true star, Saints gunslinger Drew Brees, threw a laser beam to Brandon Cooks for the supposedly go-ahead score with a minute left but we get a rule change that isn’t all that exciting determining the game.

Imagine for a moment if NBA Championships were decided by a designated free throw shooter that never gets in the game; he just shoots all free throws for the other players. That’s how I feel about kickers. I am tired of watching them win games as much as I am watching them blow games. Enough is enough. People watch football for the stars, regardless of whether you wanted the Steelers or Cowboys to win didn’t that game feel like a rush? To see Cowboys RB Zeke Elliott score a definitive touchdown was how close games should end. What if that was always the case?

Imagine the game without kickers for a minute (sure I guess we can keep punters) down one on the road with no timeouts, 35 seconds left, in enemy territory. It’s up to Raiders QB Derek Carr to beat the rival Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium – isn’t that more exciting? I want to see touchdowns! You know what the end of the Saints-Broncos game felt like? An Arena Football Game. #NoMoreKickers

Last Week: 2-2

Season: 93-78-16

Jaguars-Lions OV 47: I think this is the week the Jags completely quit on head coach Gus Bradley. Lions off a bye in a big way.

Steelers-Browns OV 49: Pittsburgh’s offense is back on track and I am sure they are very upset losing to Dallas. But Cleveland isn’t going down without a fight.

Texans-Raiders OV 46: In Mexico City, what will it be like? Once Upon a Time in Mexico style shootout.

Spread of the Week – Ravens +7.5: I will just say, after a hard fought emotional win, the Cowboys squeak by but don’t cover.

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