NFL gimmicks need to end

NFL gimmicks need to end

November 22, 2016 3:05 AM


Wow, I feel like so much happened this weekend, so much to talk about, but let me start with the current needle in my eye.

Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

12 missed extra points? Seriously?

How many of you were actually entertained versus disgusted?

It’s a gimmick and shouldn’t be effecting games like this. Might as well start giving punters points for inside-the-5-yard-line kicks. Oh no, don’t use that, Commisioner Roger Goodell.

Add that to the fact the NFL can’t even follow it’s own rules.

Watching Sunday Night Football they ruled that Packers WR Jordy Nelson caught a TD pass that was knocked out of his hands in the endzone and the call stood.

Clearly no one knows what a catch is anymore in the No Fun League.

It’s time to get Roger out of power. These owners are actually leaving money on the table with these nonsensical rules.

How do I throw my hat into the ring for NFL Commissioner? If you read my column from last week, I discussed how it’s the star players we want to see not kickers. It’s simple.

Since it’s election season, let me give you my platform.

• Eliminate Kickers

No more field goals, bye-bye extra points (TDs worth 7 with the option to go for 2; miss and you get 6) and kickoffs (too many concussions for league minimum players).

The reason for this is simple. Games would be more exciting. Imagine instead of a 2-point lead with 2 minutes left, the Panthers are down 7 and need the touchdown to win it.

Think about it, every game decided by touchdowns (including overtime) not field goals.

• No punts after crossing 50-yard line

Force teams to go for it, give defense more opportunity to wreck havoc. Imagine the offense just crossed the 50 for a first down, but on second down the defense sends a full-out blitz, QB takes a 9-yard sack, 2nd and long from the offense’s own 42 and they can’t punt; business just picked up.

• A catch is easy to define

In the hands, two feet down is a catch. That’s it. If the ball comes out after, it’s a fumble. Also, whoever said the ground can’t cause a fumble? Players should hang onto the football, people.

• TNF new camera angle

Let’s try some innovation NFL, shall we. How about something for the younger crowd? Invest in above-the-field camera technology that presents the game from the Madden video game point of you.

Ratings would go up among younger fans, I guarantee it, and besides isn’t that the group you want buying this product the next 30 years?

• Instant Replay via Satellite

Someone at the league office should already be watching each play and alerting officials of mistakes made during the game.

Keep the challenge rules the same but speed up the process by just tossing the flag; it can be figured out in seconds just like the fans at home see the replay.

And for the love of God, please get more cameras; a billion dollars and there is no overhead goal line cam at every NFL stadium!

Alright, so vote for Berg! Enough complaining about the NFL, let’s complain about boxing.

Messy judging

This past Saturday night, Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward, two undefeated light heavyweights were part of a entertaining battle to decide who the best pound-for-pound fighter in boxing is.

The judges, as it seems to be too often the case, gave the fight to the wrong guy.

Andre Ward showed heart and was coming back from being dominated in the first half of the fight (including being floored in the second round on a beautiful one-punch counter from Kovalev) to win five of the last seven rounds on my scorecard. For the record, I had Kovalev 115-112; I could have seen Ward cutting it to 114-113, but thought Kovalev won no matter how you chopped up the rounds.

Ward won all three judges’ cards, 114-113. The funny part was I am not sure if one member of the media scored the fight for Ward. Dan Rafael of ESPN had it 115-112 Kovalev, Harold Lederman, long time HBO round-by-round judge, had it 116-111 Kovalev and legendary boxing analyst Al Bernstein said at best it was 6-6, making it 114-113 Kovalev.

Anyway, the point is, far too often this happens in boxing, which is why the sport isn’t as popular as it once was. Someone needs to come along and turn boxing back into the great sport that it is. That someone can do that by creating a UFC-type of league.

Buy up all the great money fighters – Canelo, GGG, Ward, Kovalev, Klitschko, etc. If they did that the other fighters would eventually fall in line and we wouldn’t keep getting bad matchups and excuses for top fighters not fighting each other.

I wouldn’t call what happened at T-Mobile Arena a robbery, I have seen worse, but Kovalev didn’t deserve to lose every card and he should get an immediate rematch. Both fighters deserve another crack. But most of all boxing fans need results, the fans keep getting fed up, guys.

USFantasy streak ends

After a long winning streak of six weeks, the money train has stopped at the station.

While it wasn’t a complete loss thanks to a $7.60 PLACE/$7 SHOW performance from Redskins WR Jamison Crowder, we invested $34 and lost $19.40, if wagering $1-$2 per wager.

Still, we’re up $297.50, so we will take it. Make sure to check online, to see Saturday’s picks for NFL Sunday.

Also, USFantasy has released props for the NFL games on Thanksgiving.

Let me recommend Redskins QB Kirk Cousins and Colts QB Andrew Luck in a Prop No. 1 EXACTA BOX.

Now let’s get to the picks for the weekend, last week was one to forget:

Last Week: 0-3 (1 pending)

Season: 93-81-16

Titans-Bears OV 43.5: With all the defense injuries last week and now Jay Cutler might be out for the year, the Bears will probably be in shutdown mode. Usually that means the offense cuts loose and the defense acts like a bunch of matadors.

Rams-Saints OV 45.5: Yes, Goff looked horrible last week, but I think the Rams did have a little more energy. The Saints at home though, that’s a tough team to stop and they are almost out of playoff oxygen.

Patriots-Jets OV 47: I have a sneaky suspicion the Jets will play their best football of the year in this spot, which will lead to a bit of a shootout.

Giants-Browns OV 44.5: Hopefully the weather doesn’t get me again.

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