Falcons, Dez Bryant big USFantasy winners

Falcons, Dez Bryant big USFantasy winners

January 17, 2017 3:06 AM


Let’s talk a little USFantasy football shall we. First off I would like to draw your attention to the props USFantasy has done the past couple weeks.

Atlanta topped Seattle 36-20, a 16-point win, placing the winning margin of victory in ATL BY 14-20. It paid $25.40 for $2. Not bad considering the Falcons were a -6 favorite in the game.

In fact, had you put $2 on all Falcons props (ATL BY 1-6, ATL BY 7-13 and ATL BY 21 OR MORE), you would have lost $6 on those bets, which would have netted you $19.40 for $8. The beauty was the worst case scenario was ATL BY 7-13, which was 5-1, so $10 for $2 means you still hit an EVEN money ticket. Not bad for a team that was over -270 on the moneyline.

What about the Patriots, 34-16 winners over the Texans, just covering the -14.5 to -17 pointspread? In USFantasy, NE BY 14-20 paid $12 for $2, or $120 for $20. Pretty sweet bet for a range that was -110 or $10 for $11 off the board. The key is when you are in the sportsbook near kick off, it pays to pay attention to those USFantasy odds. You can always see these live odds on their website USFantasy.com. (For football it’s USFantasy.com/football and works the same with the other sports.)

Prop No. 2 mix of RB and WR, was Cowboys WR Dez Bryant winning the group; he paid $44.40 for $2, completed a double with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers $211.80 for $1. Not to mention a $109.60 TRIFECTA for $1, where all you needed was Dez and Le’Veon Bell since no one had Devonta Freeman with those two, meaning it paid Dez, Bell and anyone else 109-1. Wow!

Packers RB Ty Montgomery actually got the ball this week against Dallas and was a huge payout, $75 to WIN, $21.20 to PLACE and $14.20 to SHOW. So the $2 ACROSS THE BOARD cash out was $110.40. Pretty strong for $6. One tip I will give you about USFantasy, every now and then, there is a large bet that floods the pool, giving the bettor a great opportunity to make some cash.

In Prop No. 7 someone got crazy with a Houston +24.5 and UNDER 52.5 bet, essentially a 2-team teaser off the board odds around -130. But they bet so much, probably because the odds were great at the time, they accounted for somewhere between 75-85% of the pool thus shooting all the odds up on the other three wagers. You had HOU +24.5 and OV 52.5 at 35-1! Also NE -24.5 and OV 52.5 at 27-1 and NE -24.5, UN 52.5, 16-1. One more touchdown and either 35-1 or 27-1 comes in, so it was worth at least a couple bucks.

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