DraftKings approved for Controlled Skill Games License in Malta

DraftKings approved for Controlled Skill Games License in Malta

January 30, 2017 10:29 AM


DraftKings, a major U.S. fantasy sports operator has been approved for a Controlled Skill Games License from the Malta Gaming Authority, the entity that runs gaming in Malta.

Malta, a small island off the coast of Italy is part of the European Union (EU), allowing DraftKings to potentially expand into some other EU countries without additional licenses or permits.

The website, techcrunch.com, reports some nations, like Germany, don’t require an additional local gaming license as long as an operator is licensed somewhere else in the EU but others, like France and Italy, do. It is expected that the Malta license would allow for speedy expansion throughout certain European countries that would allow them to operate with the existing Malta license.

DraftKings hopes to start by offering contests in Malta and Germany early this year, techcrunch.com says.

The two major U.S. operators, DraftKings and FanDuel are set to merge sometime soon. For now, the new license will only benefit DraftKings until the merger officially takes place. DraftKings is currently operating the United Kingdom, for now part of the EU, but is seeking more flexibility with the Malta license.

During the past two years Malta has worked to create a new license category for “controlled skill games,” which in this case explicitly covers skill-based games like daily fantasy sports which DraftKings says differentiates it from gambling, techcrunch.com reports.