Passing on spread and total give me Super Bowl, USFantasy props

January 31, 2017 3:09 AM


So I guess there is some big game this weekend, at least that’s what people say.

Super Bowl LI features the Atlanta Falcons looking for their first Lombardi Trophy against the institution of the NFL, the New England Patriots, looking for their fifth title. All four Patriot wins came with current coach Bill Belichick and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

Now the question becomes, what do we bet? I feel like the spread, Patriots -3, is a good one and I am not rushing out to bet on either team. I will pass. I can’t get a read on how "good" the Patriots defense is. I am an OVER bettor, if you recall, and it wouldn’t shock me to see this fly over if Atlanta wins, but again, pass.

My attention will be on USFantasy and the sportsbook props. So let’s start with fantasy.


The pari-mutuel fantasy group is offering 14 props for Super Bowl Sunday. For the first time they are using a player’s total fantasy points as a prop. Using Prop No. 6 as the example: Tom Brady Total USFantasy Points (No. 1 0-250 points; No. 2 251-300 points; No. 3 301-350 points; No. 4 351-400 points; No. 5 401-450 points; No. 6 451 or more points). QB’s get 1 point for each yard throwing or running and 30 points per TD, 2-point conversions are worth 10 – real simple.

So if Brady has 314 yards and 3 TDs that equals 404 fantasy points, making No. 5 the winner.

Falcons QB Matt Ryan, WR Julio Jones and Patriots WR Julian Edelman are also available.

Brady is probably my favorite; I think if New England is down he throws a lot, if New England is winning he throws a lot. I would take a shot on the No. 4 and No. 5, but make sure to stay on top of the odds, if it’s at 5-1 or better near kickoff it’s worth a shot.

Prop No. 10 is another interesting one, What Happens First: Brady vs. Ryan (four different options – Brady throws TD, Brady throws INT, Ryan throws TD, Ryan throws INT). They also have the USF version of a Teaser in Props No. 11 to 14, different spreads and totals, some traditional, some giving away points.

Westgate Props

Let’s go the holy grail of Super Bowl prop sheets, Westgate Las Vegas. Let’s go to the crazier stuff first then I will give you a list of what I like.

Taking a look at the Double Result of Super Bowl LI, being that this is a -3 point spread, I like the idea of hoping for a first half tie and getting (Bet Number 14235) TIE with Patriots winning 12-1 and (BN 14236) TIE with Falcons winning 15-1. Hoping for a blowout let’s nab Patriots (BN 14178) by 29-33 at 50-1 and (BN 14179) 34-38 60-1. Also Falcons (BN 14188) by 29-33 at 60-1 and (BN 14189) by 34-38 at 80-1.

Now let’s talk Super Bowl MVP, which I happened to give out the winner last year Von Miller, but remember I am only allowed to take someone over 10-1. For the Patriots give me (BN 12002) Dion Lewis at 25-1, he has such game breaking speed and can also catch out of the backfield. It would take a ridiculous game from a Patriot other than Brady to win this, but he would be a capable guy. I can’t find another Patriot guy so let’s use (BN 12024) FIELD 30-1 maybe a defensive player goes off for New England plus any unlisted Falcons’ hero.

MVP choices for Atlanta (BN 12015) Tevin Coleman at 30-1 and Vic Beasley Jr at 100-1, scenerio could be either Coleman racks up a bunch of TDs or Beasley mimics Miller from last year’s Super Bowl and causes hell in the backfield for Brady.

Here’s the rest of my plays:

BN 10588: Freeman Rushing Yards +20.5 against Vegas Golden Knights 2017-18 Points

BN 10569: No. Completed Rounds Joshua/Klitschko bout +4.5 to Patriots-Falcons 1st Quarter Pts

BN 10577: Connor McDavid Points +1/2 against Gostkowski Field Goals Made

BN 10454: Falcons +19.5 rushing yards against Patriots

BN 10419: Solo/Assisted Tackles by Vic Beasley Jr OV 2.5

BN 10400: What will happen first? Falcons PUNT against Falcons SCORE

BN 10349: Longest reception by Taylor Gabriel OV 19.5

BN 10139: Total receiving yards by Dion Lewis OV 22.5

BN 66015: Will there be a missed Extra Point Kick YES