Raiders heading to Vegas a real shocker

Raiders heading to Vegas a real shocker

March 28, 2017 3:02 AM


An NFL team in Las Vegas. I never thought this would happen until sports gambling was opened up to the rest of the United States, but here we are.

Normally I am very opposed to franchises moving cities, and let me say for the record I am not crazy about getting an NFL team here although I will love the stadium. For the Oakland Raiders franchise, they deserved a real stadium for well over 30 years.

I say this because they have one of the best fan bases in all of sports. Love them or hate them you know it’s a fact. Not many franchises could have had a dump of a stadium that was part baseball field show up over 80% full when the team hadn’t had a winning season in over 13 years.

The Raiders found a city that wanted to be mentioned as a big time city and with an NFL team and the Vegas Golden Knights dropping the puck this fall they are finally a big sports town. Congrats to everyone that made it happen.


USFantasy had some interesting results this week as last Sunday saw a big WIN bet on Anthony Davis flood the pool pushing his odds to 1/9. That bet gave Damian Lillard (14-1), Stephen Curry (18-1), Nikola Jokic (15-1), Mike Conley (60-1), CJ McCollum (70-1) and Klay Thompson (22-1) tremendous WIN odds. However AD did win the category paying $2.20 for $2. A closer look shows that person also played the exacta as odds on AD-Lillard, AD-Jokic, AD-Conley had small payouts, boosting odds for AD with Curry, McCollum and Thompson. AD and Curry finished first and second for a payout of $200 for $2. A smart play here would have been to take a shot on all other players for $2 to WIN, the smallest payout would have been Lillard at $28, and put Davis in the Exacta with Curry, McCollum and Thompson for the big payout.

Best WIN of the week took place in the Kentucky-UCLA game as $2 on Kentucky by 11-15 points paid $130.20. Remember, when in the book making bets don’t overlook USFantasy for some fantastic odds.