The best mixed with bounce back players for fantasy football season

The best mixed with bounce back players for fantasy football season

May 16, 2017 3:02 AM


Let’s change course a little bit and talk about some season long fantasy football.

Granted, it is only the middle of May but if you are like me your league is a year round franchise. I have already had a rookie draft, franchise tags and a restricted free agency period. Yes, I need professional help and not the sports kind.

Anyway, I wanted to go over some early ideas to help you in any league you play this year. I will give you who I think will be the number one player at the Big 3 positions, QB-RB-WR, and give you some bounce back candidates to keep an eye on as they plummet down the draft board.


Best of the Best – Aaron Rodgers, GB: Listen, I am not gonna waste your time much here. If you are a regular reader of my column, you know I think Packers coach Mike McCarthy owes his entire time at Green Bay to the best QB in the league. Yes, I said it, Tom Brady. Rodgers has never had any semblance of star talent around him outside of his great offensive line. He will lead the Pack to a second Super Bowl title this season and I think he wins MVP as well.

Bounce Back – Blake Bortles, JAC: The Jags signal caller was a complete disappointment last season due to many factors, one of the major ones being completely overrated. With that said, I think he’s very capable of being a Top 10 QB this year with rookie Leonard Fornette in the backfield and more attention to actually running the ball and not forcing him to be above what he is, an average QB with a great arm.

Running Backs

Best of the Best – Melvin Gordon, LA Chargers: This is a real shocking pick for me, as I wasn’t much of a Gordon fan going into season two. I saw nothing from him in Year 1 that lead me to believe he was an NFL talent. However, with Danny Woodhead getting hurt  last season and the Chargers having to lean on him, he shined. He showed his skills improved from  his rookie season and he was a TD machine. This is probably Philip Rivers’ last real year to make a run and Gordon will be big part of a dynamic offense. They just need to stay healthy, which is a big IF.

Bounce Back – Todd Gurley, LA Rams: No more Jeff Fisher and the Rams took a shot on young, first time head coach Sean McVay. He was considered league wide one of the bright young minds in the league. When it comes to Gurley: we haven’t seen that dynamic player that burst onto the scene in his rookie season and now in his third year time is up Gurley must bounce back or be out of a job. After signing Pro Bowl Left Tackle Andrew Whitworth away from Cincinnati, he should be enough to give the Rams O-line a big boost, protecting QB Jared Goff’s blind side and giving Gurley less stacked boxes to run against. Target him after the big names are gone.

Wide Receivers

Best of the Best – Antonio Brown, PIT: He’s the man, let’s move on.

Bounce Back – DeAndre Hopkins, HOU: After a complete disaster with Brock Osweiler at QB, Hopkins has hope. If you remember, in Week 15 against Jacksonville, Savage targeted Hopkins 15 times after entering the game for Osweiler and the WR pulled down 8 for 87 yards. In Week 17 Savage got hurt so we don’t know what kind of connection they have, but if the Macho Man struggles, first round Clemson QB Deshaun Watson will be there to pick up the slack. Whoever makes the most starts at QB will get Hopkins back on the Pro Bowl track he was on. Target him in a trade, if the Texans and Hopkins struggle the first four weeks with Savage.