Who says fantasy betting isn’t alive and well in Vegas?

Who says fantasy betting isn’t alive and well in Vegas?

June 15, 2017 9:17 AM


If you are one of those folks who was head over heels in love with fantasy sports betting and are still pining away at the early departure of those mega-fantasy sites, keep in mind that there’s still fantasy in Vegas.

It’s happening at US Fantasy (DFS) and you can bet them right at the sports book. 

I’ll be honest with you; I used to hate fantasy sports. It made very little sense to me because it was just so foreign to me to hear any diehard Cowboys fan rooting for anyone on the Cowboys or any other rivalry team for that matter.

When the sports talk radio program I was working with ended up being sponsored by a fantasy sports site, and I was asked to begin to market fantasy and consider playing on a team, I dragged my feet. Ugh! I just resisted in the worst way.

Then, as often happens when we are too blind to see and we resist something new, I began to open my eyes. I started to ask myself just what it was that had everyone so crazed over fantasy sports and why be so averse to joining a team?

I decided to join a league, since at that time I lived in the land where it was legal to play. Low and behold, I actually had fun.

Vegas did not embrace fantasy sports at first, and many still resist fantasy sports in the same way I once did. Many of the casinos and sports pubs are happy to embrace out-of-towners who hold their annual fantasy drafts here in Vegas.

For those who love fantasy, there’s US Fantasy, which has fantasy bets at the sports books.  I think they are a bit like prop bets, myself but its true daily fantasy where you can pick players who will have top performances.

While there’s lots up in the air among the various states on whether sites like Draft Kings and FanDuel will ever truly make it in Vegas, there’s always the option to try your luck at the casino, with US Fantasy Sports (DFS). 

If you’d like to learn more about USFantasy you can visit their website at usfantasy.com. The site offers skills based fantasy sports contests in football, MMA and more. For some tips on how to bet, tune in to the weekly show BetsLikeAGirl over at AM 720 KDWN, at 7 pm.