A contest based on Monday night fantasy kicks

A contest based on Monday night fantasy kicks

August 16, 2017 11:13 AM


It’s so like me to focus on the underdogs and give them the respect they deserve.

For years I’ve listened to folks talk about how little kickers matter when it comes to pro football. For the record, I completely disagree. Of course, it’s usually a given that a kicker will make the extra point, and that’s why it’s so important to the game. As much as it’s a given that they will make it, there’s always that chance they may not.

That can be the difference of the game, either winning, losing or covering the spread.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since I first began tweeting to support sports talk radio program and bridge the gap between social media and radio.  At that time I came up with the idea to create a fantasy football contest based on Monday Night Fantasy, and use the domain www.MondayNightFantasy.com as a means for promoting the contest.

Back then, a gaming entity was my motivation because that group sponsored the show, and I wanted to help drive traffic to their site.  When they dropped their sponsorship for an array of reasons, and partly because they pulled out of the fantasy business, I was left holding the domain.  What’s a girl to do when she’s got a million dollar domain and no contest? 

This year, I am happy to announce that I finally have a sponsor and I looking for more. But I have the ball rolling. My contest will be based on fantasy kicks, and the prizes will be announced soon.  Social media will be a big part of the game, and although you do not need to be socially savvy to play, it might help you get lucky.

Monday Night Football has great history and this year there will be 17 games on tap (two opening week, none the final week).

On Sept. 11, 2017, the New Orleans Saints will play against the Minnesota Vikings at 4:10 pm PT, and the Los Angeles Chargers will take on the Denver Broncos at 7:20 pm PT. The Vikings are currently 3 point favorites at some books,  3½ at others. 

Tell me again that kickers matter not. 

The first week can be crucial when it comes to momentum and home field advantage should not be underestimated.  How well the Saints perform during prime time, might set the stage for how their upcoming year will be.  The Saints have performed under par the past three years with a record falling under .500 all three. Something’s got to give. 

The Vikings should be ready and waiting for the Saints to come marching in, with their defensive game and a healthy QB. Kickers may well matter here.

Look for the Vikings to come out on top, but depending upon that hook, you might want to think twice about them covering the spread.

Stay away from the OVER -- too close to call. Being it’s Week 1, if you must, look for UNDER 48.