Back Bell, Odell on season long fantasy; go Collins, Gallop on DraftKings

Back Bell, Odell on season long fantasy; go Collins, Gallop on DraftKings

August 29, 2018 3:06 AM


Thanks to sports betting opening up in states across the country and with DraftKings set to eventually open up here in Vegas, it’s time to talk daily fantasy once again.

Longtime readers of GamingToday might remember my first column here was all about fantasy sports, so before we get to the contests offered online, let’s talk a little about season-long fantasy.

For those that have yet to draft their teams for the season, this part is for you. Let me give you a quick glance as the superstars I expect to be worth their Average Draft Position and some late round guys that should pay great dividends.

Worth It

Le’Veon Bell, PIT (No. 2; No. 2 RB): Bell is worth your first round pick and should be the first guy off the board for one reason: he’s in a contract year and Pittsburgh is not resigning him. Why is that important? Because he’s a superstar player that they don’t care about his long term health, which means he will get the ball nonstop. I expect even more regression from Big Ben this season so Bell will have the heaviest workload in the league.

Odell Beckham, NYG (No. 12; No. 3 WR): Wow, such disrespect to Odell being behind DeAndre Hopkins. Beckham might be the best WR in the NFL. Granted no disrespect to my man Antonio Brown (who happens to return to my Fantasy Championship team this season) but Beckham’s numbers in games he has played are higher than any other receiver in football. The man is lightning; I would have no problem taking him in the mid to back end of Round 1.

Not Worth It

Kareem Hunt, KC (No. 9; No. 8 RB): I find it hard to believe this offense won’t go through some growing pains with green QB Patrick Mahomes taking over in KC. Hunt faded through the mid part of the season and the Chiefs backfield has always been a big carousel. Too high in the order for my taste, everyone is draftable in the right spot but I wouldn’t touch him until the opening of Round 3.

Tom Brady, NE (No. 43; No. 3 QB): I know, I know, he’s arguably the greatest of all time, but that doesn’t make him or any QB really worth this high of a pick. Brady cares about W’s not helping your fantasy team; he’s very streaky and tends to coast late due to the lack of threat to the division title in the AFC East. Find someone that wants to rack up the stats.

Now on to daily fantasy. At least for Week 1 everyone wants to win the $5M Fantasy Football Millionaire Contest at DraftKings, where first place earns $1 million! Couple of things to keep in mind, there are 294,000-plus entries, you will be playing against bots (meaning lots of similar lineups you will have to take down – more on them next week) but hey, it’s $20 for Week 1, why not.

Captain Obvious and Diamonds in the Rough were my go to terms for the superstar you should use and the guys with a lower than average salary. For DraftKings that average is $5,555.

Captain Obvious

Alex Collins, RB, BAL ($5,600): Wow, $5,600, this might be the lowest Captain Obvious ever for one of my columns. Frankly, the Bills look like a complete garbage pile to me and I feel Collins dominates on Sunday to the tune of 100 yards and a few TDs. Projection: 137 yards, 3TDs. 2-28.

Diamond in the Rough

Michael Gallop, WR, DAL ($4,000): On the road at Carolina, Dallas doesn’t seem to have much faith among the masses. While I agree Cowboys HC Jason Garrett is on my short list for coaches I can’t stand, Gallop is a sneaky play here. He came into the draft underrated because of playing at Colorado State and not having the combined measurables that jump off the page. Where he does excel is route running aka the single most useful skill for an NFL WR. Gallop won’t blow the league away but I see him being a key element to the Cowboys’ average to above average offense. Projection: 4-65, TD.