Expectations from bookmakers say Golden Knights earn 68.5 points

Expectations from bookmakers say Golden Knights earn 68.5 points

September 19, 2017 3:00 AM


Sportsbooks throughout Nevada are slowly producing and posting hockey totals – the over/under on total standings points – on all 31 National Hockey League teams, including the initial set (shown at right) courtesy of Westgate.

Most shops list all of the teams in alphabetical order, However, when the clubs are instead listed by their respective division, profound patterns can be observed that could affect your Futures wagering.

Besides following last season’s standings almost exactly to a tee, obviously clubs that suffered a mass series of injuries were elevated (like Tampa Bay) or made bold roster or coaching moves (many place Dallas in this category).

However, the most discussed club during the offseason (besides the expansion Vegas Golden Knights, which are at 68.5) may be the Toronto Maple Leafs, which is leaving bettors in a quandary.

Thanks to the acquisition of several players, featuring veteran forward Patrick Marleau from San Jose, plus the development of several youngsters, the Leafs are being considered a very real challenger for the Atlantic Division crown.

Leafs fans already know the history: no division title since 1999-00; no Stanley Cups since 1967, the season before the NHL’s original expansion from 6 to 12 clubs. Thus, they can’t wait to place their dollars – U.S. or Canadian – on Toronto; the money is already pouring in.

Or is it a trap by the bookies?

Among Atlantic sides, Tampa Bay (102.5 points) is picked to bounce back, followed by Montreal (99.5) and the Maple Leafs (95.5) – an extremely strange number when you break down the standings.

Last spring, the Leafs finished in a tie for third place with Boston at 95 points. So if Toronto has improved so much, why is the betting line listed at the exact point total? (except for the hook).

If you truly believe the Maple Leafs are better, they only need to top last season’s total by a mere single point – it sounds too good to be true!

Is it a betting “trap” or a way for bookies to stop accepting money from Leafs supporters? Tune in come April to find out.

The chart below is listed by Division to better illustrate how playoff-competitive each team is projected to be. It’s interesting, hot-shot Toronto is projected to be no better than last season!



NHL Total Regular Season Points
2016-17 Points in parenthesis
Atlantic Division
Tampa Bay Lightning 102½ (94)
Montreal Canadiens 99½ (103)
Toronto Maple Leafs 95½ (95)
Boston Bruins 92½ (95)
Ottawa Senators 91½ (98)
Florida Panthers 86½ (81)
Buffalo Sabres 87½ (78)
Detroit Red Wings 78½ (79)
Central Division
Chicago Blackhawks 99½ (109)
Dallas Stars 98½ (79)
Nashville Predators 97½ (94)
Minnesota Wild 96½ (106)
St. Louis Blues 95½ (99)
Winnipeg Jets 92½ (87)
Colorado Avalanche 70½ (48)
Metropolitan Division
Pittsburgh Penguins 104½ (111)
Washington Capitals 103½ (118)
Columbus Blue Jackets 96½ (108)
New York Rangers 95½ (102)
Philadelphia Flyers 91½ (88)
Carolina Hurricanes 92½ (87)
New York Islanders 88½ (94)
New Jersey Devils 74½ (70)
Pacific Division
Anaheim Ducks 106½ (105)
Edmonton Oilers 103½ (103)
San Jose Sharks 96½ (99)
Calgary Flames 95½ (94)
Los Angeles Kings 89½ (86)
Arizona Coyotes 75½ (70)
Vancouver Canucks 73½ (69)
Vegas Golden Knights 68½ (----)
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