Actual quality betting information is out there for free

Actual quality betting information is out there for free

March 06, 2018 3:00 AM


Let’s talk about the power of free information. The internet is filled with a plethora of free information that will make you a better handicapper. Kenpom and Covers are great sites that will make you a better picker.

Kenpom has some of the most advanced data and analysis out there. Some of the nation’s most successful College basketball bettors use the site. Also, a little secret, some of the most successful coaches use the data on that site.

Free internet gambling forums are available, where handicappers post their selections. You can just Google the words “internet gambling forums” and choose your own. You can also be a contributor and join in with others. I love that some of the same people post their plays every single day, as well as post a running record. It is amazing how many of them are very good with winning records.

What I like to do is find a dozen or so different handicappers scattered across different sites and bet the ones that match. (Matches are when one or more winning handicappers choose the same team).

Conference tournaments can be a very profitable time of year for many reasons. Lines come up the day of the game due to teams playing the night before. This gives the bookmaker less of a chance to come up with a solid line because of time constraints.

Look at the first move from when the originating line comes up. That is a good indicator of where the line will go. So if you agree with that side moving it is imperative to get your bet in with one of the slower moving sportsbooks ASAP. You will find as we go deeper in to the tournaments you can still find extra value around town betting against the marquee big name teams.

Giving away another wiseguy secret here. I love to make first-half plays, especially if I am on the underdog. There’s going to be no garbage fouling like at the end of the game. Therefore you get a more pure outcome.