Vegas feeling pride over Golden Knights success

Vegas feeling pride over Golden Knights success

May 08, 2018 3:02 AM


What can be said, the Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Western Conference Finals, meaning they will at worst be one of the last four teams remaining in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Will this dream season ever come to an end? The Knights now wait to see where the airplane will be heading for Game 1, at Winnipeg or at Nashville. The Jets took Game 5 at Nashville, 6-2, and played Monday night for a spot in the West final in Canada against Vegas.

Before we get into a WCF breakdown let’s first find out who comes out of the Jets-Predators series. So with that, let’s talk about the series with the San Jose Sharks.

The Knights not only proved the Pacific Division title in its first year of existence was no fluke, they did it in style, sweeping the LA Kings 4-0 and finishing the Sharks on the road to win that series 4-2.

It has been said time and time again, what a great job head coach Gerard Gallant and GM George McPhee have done, but maybe it’s time for a shout-out to owner Bill Foley.

So many people laughed about the idea of hockey in a city like Las Vegas. Hockey fans everywhere mocked everything – the logo, the name, the city, the mascot, etc. But Foley put the work in and found the right duo to make a desert dream of hockey into the hottest ticket in the NHL. A completely remarkable story and successful endeavor.

Yet Vegas embraced this team from day one and as the city healed from one of the worst moments in not only Las Vegas history, but U.S. history, somehow the Knights put the city on its back. Even if sports are silly, when it comes to real life, a true bond was formed between the community and the Knights franchise.

All the emotion poured out in the T-Mobile Arena as the team rode a wave of pure joy from Vegas fans all the way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Pacific Division title and now the team and city are only four wins away from playing for the Stanley Cup!

It’s truly remarkable even if the Knights come up eight wins short. Vegas couldn’t be prouder of every Knight that works, plays, coaches, pushes papers, makes tough calls and signs the checks. From a guy that has made this his home since 1998, thank you for this amazing experience and keep pushing for the final eight wins.