Caps need good start for any chance to beat Knights

Caps need good start for any chance to beat Knights

May 29, 2018 3:00 AM


The speculating is done, the talk is over, and the Golden Knights will play for the Stanley Cup in their inaugural season against – who else? – the Washington Capitals, as if this season couldn’t get any more surreal.

In my view Washington’s best chance to make this a series would be stealing Game 1 (which was played after press deadline) in T-Mobile Arena. To win they would have to score a bunch of goals and hope Fleury had a little too much time off. Either way, I see Game 1 with plenty of goals so I would have gone OVER. Let’s preview the schedule:


Game 2

Washington at Vegas

This result for me is all Vegas. Whether they won Game 1 or not, they should come out firing on all cylinders to send a message to the Capitals. I think the Knights look the best all series here in Game 2. KNIGHTS -1.5


Game 3

Vegas at Washington

Here is a pivotal game for the Capitals. If they are down 2-0 to Vegas, can they make the comeback for the third time in the playoffs? (Down 2-0 to Columbus won 4-2; Up 2-0 on Tampa Bay, then down 3-2, to battle back and win Game 7.) KNIGHTS (If series is tied), CAPITALS (If down 2-0)


Game 4

Vegas at Washington

So my thoughts are the series will be at 2-1 Knights going into this game. On paper the Knights matchup so well with Washington that it wouldn’t shock me to see this being Vegas’ first shot at winning the Stanley Cup in a sweep. Making a bold call here in this look-ahead format, no matter the series standing, Vegas will win Game 4. KNIGHTS

Next week, a breakdown of Games 5 and 6 if the series is still going or we will wrap up the magical season by the Vegas Golden Knights. If the series heads to Game 7, we will have an extensive breakdown column in two weeks and wrap up the season in the following issue.