Sports odds

Nov 16, 2010 7:02 AM

by Hal Robb | 

SportsPageTV has created a new device that transforms any TV monitor into your own TV channel. With an impressive array of clients, including casinos, sports bars, hotels and off-track-betting locations, these businesses are benefiting by providing their customers an impressive array of content.

This content includes up-to-date sports scores, odds and now any information or daily specials that can drive your business. Because your daily specials are now seen on your own monitors in full color, "they have a real and measurable impact" on sales according to Hank Serrano, general manager of Blue Martini "and with the built-in InstaAD template system or with the help of SportsPageTVs in-house graphic department, my club now has hip, cool and easy ads that my customers respond to."

Ed Skowronski, the creator of this system, wanted to put into place a device that had low cost, in these difficult economic times, with maximum appeal. The other factor that Skowronski wanted to achieve was an easy turnkey setup and installation. He claims this has been achieved by "leveraging our expertise across various retail and gaming industries so that it is as easy as set it and forget it -- to coin an old TV slogan." To that end, Skowronski claims, "If you have an Internet connection, a TV monitor or monitors and a real desire to increase your sales and satisfy your customers, we can help you."

The key to driving sales in today’s difficult environment is twofold. One method is to attract new customers and the other one is to retain your customers and get them to spend more in your establishment.

"SportsPageTV has done this primarily because we understand the dynamics of how various retailers, casinos, off-tract-betting, restaurants and bars drive sales and how customers respond to information that is delivered in an exciting format that works," commented Marc Franco, sales manager for SportsPageTV. Franco added, "It is the incremental business that drives your sales and profits and to have our devices working for you rain or shine is a reassuring feeling that you are maximizing your sales every day."

You can contact them at (702) 737-5560 or visit their webpage.