Nick Bogdanovich as director of bookmaking for William Hill’s U.S. division

Jul 18, 2012 5:15 PM

Veteran bookmaker Nick Bogdanovich will soon be announced as director of bookmaking operations for William Hill’s U.S. division. Bogdanovich, well known for his unique old-school style of bookmaking, held the same position for Cal-Neva sports books when William Hill purchased the chain of Nevada books, along with Leroy’s and Lucky’s. 

The William Hill bookmaking team could now be called Nevada’s version of the Dream Team that features three of the top bookmakers in the state. Along with Bogdanovich, the staff also includes Leroy’s and Lucky’s top bookmakers with Bob Smith and Tony DiTommaso.

If having to make odds prior on who might have gotten the top bookmaking position, the favorite would have been DiTommaso just because his boss at Lucky’s was Joe Asher, who is now CEO of the William Hill U.S. operation. The feeling was that Asher might feel more comfortable with his own guy when such a massive operation was about to take place that will run 164 books across the state.

But the fact that Asher was impartial in the process shows a lot about the direction William Hill wants to go in Nevada. 

By giving Bogdanovich the position, they are basically telling the entire state they are going to be aggressive, take some risks and give the bettor a fair shake with low theoretic holds on all future indexes. It tells the sharp money they can make their bets while also comforting the small money that they’re betting into what will be some of the fairest odds in town.   

It’s a win-win situation for both the bettors and William Hill, and because of it, unofficially makes it William Hill’s first successful marketing campaign before they even start one. Word of mouth is better than any type of funded campaign and when bettors hear the name of Bogdanovich being the wizard behind William Hill’s curtain, it’s instant creditability.

The move alone should rapidly spur increased revenues through phone wagers, as well all the kiosks located inside PT’s Pub locations throughout Las Vegas that Leroy’s initiated.

The best news of all may be that not too many existing employees from the three merged operations lost their jobs. A few had to be let go, but William Hill did a lot of maneuvering with positions to keep as many as possible.

We’ll have more details next week on William Hill and what their arrival means moving forward to the sports betting landscape in Nevada.