A man's man, Rick Herron, will be missed

Jul 30, 2013 3:01 AM

The Las Vegas Sports community lost one of its long time and most beloved members, Rick Herron.

Last week I wrote about the old days at the Barbary Coast. Ricky was a part of that team. In fact, we broke in together.

Ricky was definitely old school Las Vegas. Forget about the characters you see in Hollywood’s interpretation of the Vegas scene. Ricky was the real thing. He didn’t wear mink coats, oversized sunglasses and patent leather shoes.

He dressed like a man’s man. I never saw him when his shirt and pants weren’t perfectly fitted, cleaned and pressed. Spend more than five minutes with the guy and he would be smoking a cigarette and sipping a cocktail.

Put Ricky in a time machine and he would have fit right in with the Rat Pack. Sub Peter Lawford and put Ricky right in with Frank, Dean and Sammy. His genuine quality would have made the original Ocean’s 11 more believable than the cartoon that it is.

His unexpected passing woke a lot of us up. More than a few emails went around and phone calls were made in the last week. I know I made sure to tell a few old friends how I felt about them.

A new generation will take our place all too soon. It seems like a few weeks ago I was breaking in with Ricky at the Barbary Coast. Now I’m in the late innings, hoping to get to the plate a few more times.

Some arrangements for Ricky have been delayed because they couldn’t find a next of kin. His family was the bookmakers and wiseguys in the Las Vegas community. Somehow that seems right for a guy like Ricky.

Ricky left us too soon, but he definitely had some quality at bats. RIP, Rick Herron. You will be missed, my friend.

Chris Andrews has over 30 years of experience as a bookmaker in Nevada. Check out his new website at www.againstthenumber.comYou can follow him on Twitter@AndrewsSports. Contact Chris at [email protected].

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