With the gates to sports betting open here come the frauds and fakes

Jun 19, 2018 3:11 AM

When the Supreme Court ruling allowing sports betting in New Jersey was handed down, my biggest concern (apart from the impact it will have on my personal life and how I may be able to wager on games) was this is going to create a big stage for guys who do not deserve it.

Frauds and fakes will be coming out of the woodwork and pretending to be either successful and/or educational.

Last week I met with a bunch of executives from a very large media outlet to discuss future opportunities in the broadcast business. The main guy from this group really did his homework before meeting me and knew a lot about the gambling world and what to expect from the snake oil salesmen.

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However, I know if these frauds and fakes get on these types of shows on other networks, the regular man will lose money. There is no doubt in my mind, I fear these types of people will take over the platform and con many (green) executives into appearing on shows across the networks.

I have been thinking about the prior betting shows that have been on TV. There have been, of course, the bogus animated marketing guys on some of the networks who would buy air time, screaming and yelling about how they have the inside word and how they hit 70% of their plays.

One somehow conned the N.J. and Delaware betting outlets into letting him place the first bets at their properties, and he received a crazy amount of press across the world; even stating he is a multimillionaire because of the suckers that have paid him in the past for his bogus information.

Then there is the guy in Vegas who parades around in his flashy cars, with stacks of bills and paid models on each side of him, stating he is “29-0 on system bets.”

I actually decided to go to this site to get a laugh, and when I did, I was shocked to see he has these supposed stacks of $100 bills. After carefully examining the picture, you can actually tell there are $1 bills underneath the top $100 bill. Wow, I mean at least perfect your scam a little more buddy!

Then there are the fake Twitter followers this guy, and types like him have. When someone supposedly has 500K followers, but only has 100 likes and 20 retweets, you know it is fake. Upon further review, I actually clicked on to see who is retweeting and checking the like box. Apparently, three-fourths of the people were either females, or had accounts from other countries that were not in English.

I’m sorry but that does not fit the profile of a sports bettor. After clicking on the names of the followers, I saw “This account is restricted because of unusual activity.” I then did a search on buying Twitter followers and found you can have automated robots of fake followers liking and re-tweeting your tweets for only pennies.

We all remember how much of a character Jimmy the Greek was on the NFL’s biggest stage of all, “The NFL Today” show on CBS. He drew millions of fans because he had a cool name, dressed in flashy gold chains, and was a character. While it’s great to have rapport, personality and character, the Greek’s picks were terrible! He couldn’t win and was a bookmaker’s dream. He actually cost the viewing public tens of millions over his career.

I saw a show last month where ex-athletes were talking about betting basketball and hockey. Not one of those guys knew much about either of those sports, let alone betting them. I started screaming. This was a major network with a lot of viewers. The public is so gullible they will eat this up and want to go to their nearest betting establishment and actually bet what these guys are telling them.

I am more interested in the public getting good content rather than just new content.

On to a little baseball value: On Tuesday, Tampa visits Houston and Justin Verlander is pitching. Expect him to be a huge favorite and you can throw a peanut on TB at a price. We happily split on our two big dogs against the NYY last week, winning 3/4 of a unit.