Touts are going to be everywhere here is a challenge for them

Touts are going to be everywhere here is a challenge for them

August 29, 2018 3:00 AM


Football season is here and there are so many new jurisdictions that are allowing sports betting, with many more on the way in the next few months. With that, I fully expect the rats to start eating the cats.

What does that mean? The touts who sell games will be coming out of the woodwork in droves, eating the customers’ wallets with garbage information. One of the biggest guys in the business came up to me at a fight recently and mentioned how he sells his games. I honestly could not believe what he was telling me; but the guy was drinking and bragging.

He said his “office of clerks make seven figures a year and admitted to me they really do not win.” He literally said he has a “list of clients that come into town and post up hundreds of thousands of dollars in the sportsbooks, and they bet it on his advice.”

I verified this with one of my friends, who runs one the largest corporations in town and it is true.

This is only going to get worse as sports betting keeps going mainstream and is becoming more and more socially acceptable across the country. Street smart guys can see through the con, but there is nothing “common” in common sense anymore.

I already see billboards on the Atlantic City Expressway promoting one of these guys. It is actually a genius idea the way the billboard is done. It was placed on the westbound side of the road, so that when you are exiting Atlantic City a loser, you may feel these guys will turn your luck around.

This is not to say everyone who sells games is not legit. I actually have loosened my stance on this over the last few seasons due to the fact I know a few who absolutely do win. You just need to do your own research on these types of services.

I myself have put up a $250K challenge to anyone that sells games to go head-to-head for the football or basketball season. Wouldn’t that be great publicity for someone to be able to say they beat professional sports bettor Bill (Krackman) Krackomberger and use it to their advantage when trying to sell games?

I have one taker so far, and he is one of the few winning guys I know that sells games; so it should be fun. We are in the process of getting a hosting-casino to sponsor this challenge and hold the money we are each posting up. I will keep you updated, for this should be better than the Tiger/Phil shenanigans happening Nov. 23 over at Shadow Creek.

Follow for updates on the challenge and interviews with some of Las Vegas’ coolest people in town.

College picks

Here are a few college football totals for this weekend.

• 189 USC/UNLV over 64

• 215 Navy/Hawai’i over 63.