Double Up, 50/50 best spot for DraftKings beginners

Double Up, 50/50 best spot for DraftKings beginners

September 05, 2018 3:05 AM


Getting back into the swing of things, let’s talk Week 1 NFL Daily Fantasy on DraftKings.

If you want to swing for the fences, be my guest. Just don’t expect a lot of return on investment. The fact is your one $20 entry in a pool of over 291,000 people is not likely to make money. Part of that comes with the aspect of multiple entries allowed from the same account. This is where I mentioned bots.

There is a lot of confusion online as to what a bot actually is in this instance, but let’s focus on the issue versus the meaning. To my understanding a player builds a computer program that can change the lineup of their 400 entries of already entered lineups in minutes, thus allowing the player the luxury to make lineup changes when players go from questionable to out.

A person could chalk this up to being better at the game, or an unfair advantage. Honestly I don’t see the issue in it but if you are putting up your money in the large payout multiple entry games, it’s important you know it exists.

My advice on starting in the world of daily fantasy is to stick to two types of games – Double Up and 50/50 – until you get your confidence up and understand the scoring.

Double Up has 11 to 22 entries in which you put up an entry fee, say $50. If you finish in the Top 5 of the 11 person field or Top 10 in the 22 person field you win $50 plus your $50 back.

50/50 is similar: 20 person field, Top 10 wins $40 for $50 ($90 total). Double Up adds an extra person or two so the winners get paid EVEN money. Either way there is a juice built in to make DraftKings money like the sportsbook.

With school over, let’s move on to selecting some players, shall we?


When drafting a QB, I like to think outside the box. I try not to go after the obvious choice; example: Drew Brees against Cleveland or Tom Brady against Buffalo, etc. Look for mediocre QBs against poor pass defenses or quality/elite QBs in the tougher matchups. That will cut down on the similarities between you and someone else.

Top 3 QB bargains: Joe Flacco, BAL ($4,900), Alex Smith, WAS ($5,600) and Tyrod Taylor, CLE ($5,400).

Running Backs

Much of winning at daily fantasy is having the right players at the right time. What separates your score from other lineups is the lack of similarity. Performance of your bargain players mixed with the right week on the right superstar players breeds success.

High salary helps combat this as most lineups can’t afford to have Le’Veon Bell, Julio Jones and Rob Gronkowski in them. However being selective and finding the non-popular names shoots you up the leaderboard provided they actually perform that week.

With running backs and wide receivers it’s a good idea to try and pair your QB with a teammate that has great success when they do. For example, when Alvin Kamara catches five or more passes Drew Brees tends to have one of his highest rated games of the year.

Top 2 QB/RB bargains: Marcus Mariota/Dion Lewis, TEN ($6,300/$4,900), Alex Smith/Chris Thompson, WAS ($5,600/$4,700).

Wide Receivers/TE

DraftKings requires three wide receiver selections, meaning you will likely need a star player in those three. Tight ends are a great bargain spot as you only need one and some salaries are underrated. .

Top 3 WR bargains: Michael Crabtree, BAL ($5,400), Sammy Watkins, KC ($5,100), Sterling Shepard, NYG ($4,500).

TE bargain: Jack Doyle, IND ($3,900).

Captain Obvious and Diamond in Rough from last week: Alex Collins, BAL ($5,600), Michael Gallop, DAL ($4,000).