PointsBet Issues Early Payout on Lamar Jackson MVP Bets

Nov 20, 2019 3:02 AM

Hey — some bettors won’t have to wait until February to collect their NFL MVP winnings. As he continues to revolutionize the quarterback position, PointsBet, a premier global sportsbook, announced today that they will be issuing early payouts to their bettors who wagered on Lamar Jackson to win MVP. The decision comes as the Ravens, led by Jackson, are riding a six-game winning streak with Jackson compiling 13 touchdowns and no interceptions in the last five games.

PointsBet took action on Jackson starting at +7000 at the beginning of the season, and his odds gradually increased as the weeks went on — leading him to be the frontrunner at +130. He accounts for 13 percent of MVP futures tickets and represents the second-biggest liability for PointsBet behind Carolina running back Christian McCaffrey. With a favorable schedule ahead for the Ravens, if his play continues at his current pace he will become an unbackable favorite.
“We’ve really enjoyed watching Lamar Jackson make the impossible look easy every Sunday,” said Johnny Aitken, PointsBet USA CEO. “Considering some of his recent performances and looking ahead at the Ravens’ remaining schedule, it’s pretty clear to us that Lamar is simply a freight train that won’t be stopped. He is steaming toward well-deserved NFL MVP honors as he racks up the yards, rewrites the record books and redefines the quarterback position. Given that, we think it’s only fair to reward all of our clients who had the foresight to place their bets on the right long shot.”

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