Interactive Betting Game Show debuts at Caesars Palace

Dec 13, 2019 11:05 AM

On Thursday, Dec. 12 former NFL superstar Chad Ochocinco joined B/R Betting host Cabbie Richards and oddsmaker Kelly Stewart to debut the all-new, weekly B/R Betting Game Show at the B/R Studio at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Sports Book.

The interactive game show kicked off immediately following the Thursday Night Football broadcast with Richards and Stewart leading the audience in games and contests, along with guest star Ochocinco. 

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Putting fans at the center of the action, the show featured three different games where Stewart would set the betting line then give select fans a chance to walk away with a cash prize by betting with or against Ochocinco. Games during the debut show included “Champ or Chump,” where a fan was chosen to guess how many consecutive punts Ochocinco was able to catch, with chances to win cash throughout; “Over/Under,” where Ochocinco was asked trivia questions about himself and a chosen fan would choose the over or under for each answer; and “Get the Picture,” where fans were shown photos of players, halftime performers or other celebrities and tried to identify as many as they could after setting the line at a certain number.

Many lucky fans walked away with cash prizes between $20 and $200. The B/R Betting Game Show will be held every Thursday night with a rotation of celebrity guests and will continue to invite fans to participate in a series of fun, interactive games with the chance to win cash and prizes.

The addition of the new show to the B/R Betting portfolio comes as video views have increased by four times over the past two months, averaging 13.3 million views per month across all platforms. It will join other series including Your Fantasy Fire Drill and the B/R Betting Show with live shows from 8:30 to 10 a.m. from the B/R Studio at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Sports Book.

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