Some Ohio Valley love

Some Ohio Valley love

January 03, 2018 10:30 AM



(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the fifth free throw in our 2017 college basketball edition of the Dirty Dozen, which emphasizes the very worst in Division I over the past week from a betting perspective. Our NBA edition debuts Friday).

Some 70 miles east of Nashville is Cookeville, home of the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles. Our Dirty Dozen panel loves country music so anything remotely close to Music City is treated with kid gloves.

What makes T Tech stand out isn’t so much its 3-8 record against the spread. We do appreciate it and take advantage at the betting window. No, what really struck us was that Tech is 10-5 overall. How does this happen?

The two major tests during the nonconference portion of the schedule were TCU and Indiana. The Golden Eagles were pounded in both – 28 to IU, 37 to TCU. Take those away and their record is even better at 10-3. Even so the only way anyone from the Ohio Valley is going to the Big Dance is by winning its league title. With Belmont living in that conference, winning the OVC is going to be a tough task.

Tech gets to find out just how tough this Thursday when they face Belmont. For now they sit No. 12 in our latest Dirty Dozen poll. There’s probably a good old tear jerking country song about this plight, but gloom, despair and agony on me belongs to Hee Haw.

Full disclosure, we couldn’t tell you a darn thing about Tennessee Tech basketball. Never seen them play and TV rights belong to Jupiter or Mars. But we do recognize an ATS loser when we see one so we will recommend that our loyal betting fans follow this OVC member, step up to the window and lay down some cash against them.

And now for the rest of our Dirty bunch.

12. Tennessee Tech (3-8 ATS): That’s 1-6 ATS in the last 7, y’all.

11. Cal State-Northridge (2-8-1): Here are those hyphens again.

10. Stanford (4-10): Maybe they shouldn’t have built a new arena.

9. Colorado St (3-9): Representing the Mountain West proudly.

8. Denver (3-9): There may be a spot for Paxton Lynch.

7. Oregon State (4-10): Corvallis is not on our travel list.

6. E. Illinois (2-9): There’s also a Southern, Northern and Western.

5. Providence (3-10): The panel has a soft spot for PC as well.

4. NC-Wilmington (1-9): The Seahawks are in the Colonial if you are interested.

3. Santa Clara (2-10): Santa Clara Claus delivered another losing spread.

2. Vanderbilt (1-10): Went 1-1 ATS last week to lose top honors.

1. SIU-Edwardsville (1-10): No. 1 with a hyphen.

Encore: Portland State and South Alabama share the best ATS record among the 329 Division I schools at 10-1 each. Cheers to the little guys.